Hanine Lteif

"The MBA journey has completely shifted my career. This has allowed me to find a new job at a corporate venture builder, only two weeks after my MBA programme completion."

Hanine Lteif

Nationality: Lebanese
Programme: Executive MBA in Dubai, 2021
Current industry: Telecommunications

Why did you decide to study an Executive MBA in Dubai at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass)?

When I joined Bayes Business School, I was a Product Manager at a telecommunication company, offering services and solutions for mobile operators.

I was quite satisfied with my role at the time, but I was aware that I might be missing other opportunities out there.

Several areas in business remained untapped for me until I joined Bayes and started to explore completely different fields, while enriching my knowledge spectrum from my classmates experiences and from interactions with academics.

I am an eager and a curious learner and I had so many knowledge gaps in strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing and finance. Coming from an engineering background, I never got the chance to learn and experience other fields or industries.

An executive MBA at that level in my career was a must, because I needed to boost my potential and grow.

How would you describe your experience on the Executive MBA programme?

The highlight of my MBA journey was the Entrepreneurship elective with Professor Costas Andriopoulos. It was one of the most exciting, yet exhausting modules I attended.

It helped me connect the dots and put all my knowledge into practice, aiming to build a service that could solve people’s problems in their daily lives.

I lived an entrepreneur’s lifestyle for three weeks during which I experienced why entrepreneurs struggle on a daily basis, but also how rewarding it was and the effort put into such a journey.

When I picked this elective module, I had no business ideas in mind and I never imagined I could be an entrepreneur one day.

I enrolled on it because I knew I had zero knowledge in this field and I couldn’t complete my MBA without putting myself into learning and experiencing this wonderful world of creating businesses.

The Business Data Analytics module with Professor Dimitris Paraskevopoulos was one of the most insightful modules as it introduced the world of data analytics in a simple, yet practical manner and helped me to easily grasp such theoretical concepts and understand how businesses can enhance their performance thanks to artificial intelligent algorithms and machine learning.

I got hooked on data analytics after this and it was very natural for me to introduce the necessity of performing ‘intelligent’ data analytics in my current organisation to improve several business areas like customer satisfaction, resource optimisation, internal decision-making on roadmap management and much more.

How has the Executive MBA in Dubai benefited your career and what advice would you give to prospective MBA candidates?

The MBA journey has completely shifted my career. It allowed me to top-up my professional skills as a product manager with a broad knowledge in different business areas.

This has allowed me to find a new job at a corporate venture builder, only two weeks after my MBA programme completion.

To new students embarking on this journey, I say, definitely go for it, it is completely worth it!

Enjoy every second of learning, studying, networking and experimenting because these will allow you to build a more mature version of yourself and will help you deliver a better value in the workplace.