Core modules 6 & 7

Analytics for Business

Quantitative analysis of business data provides a key skill for success in the modern, data rich business environment. This module focuses on some of the most widely used techniques, related to data summary and sampling. The intention is not only to equip you with the practical skills to implement the necessary techniques, but to acquire the skills of discretion in choice of appropriate method and clarity in the interpretation of the output from such methods and extraction of the information of most importance to the business decision maker.

The aim of this module is to introduce you to some of the most important statistical tools used in business analytics, focussing on descriptive and predictive analytics. The focus is on application and interpretation of the tools and results.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop analytical skills in structuring and analysing business decision problems.
  • Build analytical models for a variety of problems in a number of functional areas.
  • Understand usefulness and limitation of selected techniques.
  • Use software to generate computer solutions of the models.
  • Demonstrate skills in interpreting the business significance and communicating the analysis and results of business decision problems.

Digital Technologies & Business Innovation

We are in the middle of an information revolution! Over the last decade we have witnessed a dramatic reduction in the costs of creating, transmission and consuming information along with the development of novel solutions to manage information. This module aims to introduce three pillars (processes, business models and organisations) where technology is changing the way we do business. Along with these three pillars you will also discuss the founding concepts on managing technology and some mega-trends in information management that are likely to impact your business in the future.

Learning outcomes:

  • IT as a foundation for execution in dynamic environments
  • Emerging digital trends: How prepared are you?
  • Intelligent Exploiter
  • Knowledge Management
  • How ready is your digital business model?
  • Managing digital innovation
  • SIG presentations & way forward
  • Future of information and how well prepared are you?