Core modules 1 & 2

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Enables you to read and understand financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, and statement of changes in shareholders’ equity) as this is a fundamental skill for an effective manager in today’s business environment. Provides you with an understanding of the content, application and analysis of published financial reports and those prepared for internal management information purposes.

Learning outcomes:

  • Accounting as an information system
  • The main financial statements
  • A basic framework for the analysis of published financial reports
  • Financial information for management decision making.

Organisational Behaviour

Develop a broad understanding of the behaviour of individuals and groups within organisations, their contribution to business success and apply this understanding to the management of people and organisations across cultures. Understand the factors that influence people’s behaviour in the workplace and how your own interpersonal behaviour and that of others can help or hinder organisational effectiveness.

Learning outcomes

  • The nature of organisational behaviour
  • Individual processes: perception, motivation and learning
  • Individual differences
  • Social interaction and group dynamics
  • The organisational context: structure and culture
  • The organisation and the environment: the systems view of organisation
  • National culture
  • Organising chaos in organisations
  • The bureaucratic phenomenon
  • Leadership, power and change
  • Organisational justice.