Which quantitative finance student are you?

If you have a passion for mathematics and an ambition for a successful career in the world of finance, a master’s in the quantitative finance subject area could be for you. You will learn the mathematical, statistical, and numerical techniques used in financial markets, and the knowledge and ability to apply these in your career.

Group study in the Refinitiv Trading Floor

With three master’s degrees within our quantitative finance subject area and some cross over with the modules we understand it could be difficult deciding which is best for you and most aligned with your ambitions for the future. Here, we explore each in further detail to see which suits you…

For the change leader

Our MSc in Financial Mathematics is for those who, in a global world in transition, are curious about adapting theoretical financial ideas into profitable and innovative opportunities. The emphasis is on stochastic modelling and simulation techniques including artificial neural networks.

At completion, you should be in position to propose, design, implement and change pricing models and analytical tools for risk management in a mathematically sound way, or push new quantitative modelling ideas across different asset classes (equity, interest rates, FX, credit, and hybrid).  This opens career opportunities in the industry for example within Quantitative Analytics groups.

For the forward thinker

Our MSc in Quantitative Finance is for those who like to envision the future directions of the financial market and prepare for decision making in front of new investment opportunities. The emphasis is on econometric modelling for volatility forecasting and machine learning prediction.

At completion, you should be in position to use financial and econometric forecasting models for risk management, stress testing, and scenario modelling. This opens career as for example Quantitative Risk Analyst or Data Scientist also in the asset management industry, including hedge funds.

For the agile thinker

Our MSc in Mathematical Trading and Finance is for those who like to engage with the process of creating innovative and effective trading strategies in the financial market. The emphasis is on the mathematical and statistical aspects of quantitative trading including machine learning.

At completion, you should be in position to deliver risk analytics, trading and hedging tools, or algorithms for optimal investment decisions across asset classes.  The possible career path could be as a Quantitative Strategist within front-office facing groups or trading desks.

If you are an analytical mind with a head for numbers, these three courses and the specialised knowledge you gain throughout can help you build this into a career in leading financial organisations. Our alumni have had success at major institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, UBS, leading hedge funds, and smaller financial boutiques.

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