Nandor Bornemissza

Programme: MSc Management (2016)

Current role: Business Design Consultant, PA Consulting

I came from a finance background, graduating from Corvinus University of Budapest with a BSc in Finance and Accounting, and working as an Auditor at Deloitte. However, I soon realised I wanted to make a career change into management consulting to work on the most exciting business challenges. My ambition was to work at one of the major consulting firms in London. As a result, I decided that taking an MSc in Management would open up my career options from finance to business management and strategic roles. I decided to study at the Business School (formerly Cass) as it is in the heart of London – an essential location for anyone who aspires to work in the City – and is well ranked and respected.

The MSc, which is one of the best Management courses in Europe, offers a good mix of theory and practical knowledge, and the academic staff are brilliant. Many of the professors have impressive backgrounds working with major European organisations, so they were able to provide real-world context and examples.

The modules enabled me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the management field, helping me to obtain highly relevant skills. Of course, the programme is not easy, but it does give you the valuable experience of working in multidisciplinary teams to understand problems and build up structures around how to solve those problems together. Plus, due to its central location, the Business School is able to provide in-class visits and talks from the very best professionals. The school also helped to prepare me for work by enabling me to develop my soft skills, such as effective communication and presentation.

My personal highlight was being part of a truly international group of students. The cohort was so diverse in terms of nationality, age, gender and professional background, it really helped me to broaden my understanding of professional, cultural and personal perspectives.

I spent one of the best years of all of my life at the Business School and became friends with some incredible people from all around the world. Today, all my friends are working for the best organisations. We still keep in touch, often catching up during work trips across the globe.

The Business School helped me to reach my career goal – before I even finished the course, I had the opportunity to take an international elective module on procurement in Mannheim, Germany, in cooperation with the Mannheim Business School. This proved incredibly useful when I worked with the supply chain and procurement functions in my first management consulting role.

While I was writing my thesis, Accenture gave me the opportunity to interview. The Careers Team was very supportive and helped me to develop my CV, as well as providing application and cover letter checks. Just before I submitted my thesis, my role at Accenture was secured. Since then, I have spent several years working on procurement and supply chain projects and, later on, strategy focussed assignments that would not have been possible without the practical knowledge that I acquired.

This has been an incredible experience on a personal and professional level. Today, I continue to work in London, now as a Business Design Consultant for PA Consulting. I have no regrets studying at the Business School , it has played a very, very big role in my story.