Mathias H

Programme: MSc Global Supply Chain Management (2015)

Current role: Project Manager, Corporate Procurement, Novo Nordisk

I was working as a Senior Analyst at a London-based investment firm. However, I became interested in pursuing a supply chain career. I decided that an MSc would help me gain the knowledge and skills that I needed to make the change.

I screened all the major business schools in London and was particularly impressed by the staff, location, atmosphere and reputation of the Business School (formerly Cass). I decided that the MSc in Global Supply Chain Management provided a good fit for my needs. The quality of the teaching was very high, and the teachers were passionate about the programme, and approachable and willing to help – even after hours.

The MSc gives you a broad background in accounting, finance, statistics and strategy. I chose to take elective modules over a thesis as it enabled me to broaden my practical knowledge in a range of areas, such as risk management and retail supply chain management – knowledge that I have been able to apply in my career after study.

The programme gave me a solid grounding in businesses and supply chains, and a holistic view that affected the way I approach challenges in a business. Essentially, the MSc gave me the foundation to become a strong problem solver.

One of the highlights of the programme was receiving the Beta-Gamma-Sigma award for being amongst the top students of the class. Another highlight was discovering my calling, during the procurement course, which inspired me to go into procurement after the degree.

My cohort was very international – and all super-friendly and talented. I have made many lasting friendships and I am in touch with many of them to this day.

The Careers Team held a number of sessions at the very beginning of the MSc, demonstrating the services they could offer and how they could help us in the job seeking process. There were a lot of useful resources to benefit from. To be honest, I was surprised to realise that before the MSc programme was over, I’d be applying for jobs.

In fact, I applied for the Global Procurement Graduate Programme at Novo Nordisk in Denmark and secured the role before the end of the MSc. I now work as Project Manager in Corporate Procurement for Novo Nordisk.

My time at the Business School has benefited me professionally and personally. I’ve grown as a person, become more confident, improved my English skills, broadened my network and learned how to work with other people from different nations and cultures. All, while studying in London, one of the world’s greatest cities – it is an experience I will never forget.