Iryna Vushko

''Bayes taught me how to position myself best in a workplace and how to go through interviews and build relationships with people from many different backgrounds''

Iryna Vushko

Country of origin: Ukraine
MSc course: MSc Finance
Graduation year: 2019

Why did you choose to study MSc Finance at Bayes Business School?

I wanted to work in investment banking in London after moving to the UK, but I struggled making myself attractive to employers and relevant or competitive in the job market.

I already held a Masters in International Economics and Finance from a university in Ukraine and had a little over 3 years of professional experience working for one of the big four, but I understood very well that for a UK employer, who is receiving hundreds of the CVs for a position, I might be one of the least attractive candidates…

After a good amount of research and a few visits to a number of universities in London, I found that Bayes Business School had a lot to offer and was very welcoming to students with diverse backgrounds. A quick research of the Financial Times Masters in Finance ranking page finally convinced me to apply.

Before starting the program, I was invited to a summer refresher with some prospect students and some academic staff. I was very much impressed by the quality of students and their background, also the facilities and, most importantly, I understood that with the quality of teaching offered here, there will be plenty to learn.

I was also offered a scholarship, which helped me a lot with covering some of the fees. I very much enjoyed my year at Bayes, in addition to covering all the mandatory courses in term one and two I took on plenty of courses in the third term to absorb as much knowledge as possible, including learning new practical skills (Phyton, VBA).

I only wish time went slower during my Master’s Program! I could then enjoy it a little longer!

Could you please tell us about your current job role at Mizuho? How do you believe your master’s has impacted your career and your career goals?

My job at Mizuho is exactly where I imagined myself to be before I applied to Bayes.

I believe than on top of all the practical knowledge and understanding the global capital markets better, Bayes taught me how to position myself best in a workplace and how to go through interviews and build relationships with people from many different backgrounds.

It is also the hard work during the Masters that showed me that learning never stops and this holds true for new workplaces.

What advice would you have for students considering studying Finance at Bayes?

I think for everyone considering studying in Bayes, set some career goals before starting.

This will immensely help you navigate during your studies, give you a better perspective on what skills and knowledge you will need in your career, and will allow you to capitalize on all the extra curriculars that the school has to offer (which is plenty!).