Andreas Chatzineofytou

Programme: MSc Acturial Science (2019)

Current role: Junior Trainee Actuary, Government Actuary's Department

I completed my undergraduate Maths degree at City, University of London and wanted to pursue a career as an actuary. Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) was the best choice for me. As one of the finest business schools in the world, I hoped it would offer me an open career path into one of the major organisations in London. Bayes is also the only school in London that offers an MSc in Actuarial Science.

I managed to secure a scholarship from Bayes, which helped me to cover the high cost of living in London and part of my tuition fees, which was very important for me.

The teaching staff are outstanding. Many professors hold high positions in investment banks and other important organisations, and I had the privilege of working with many well-respected academics and professionals that represent top firms in their industry. It was an amazing opportunity to interact with people who have so much experience and so much to teach you. They want you to reach your limit and achieve your goals – and they know how to do it, because they are successful people who have already been there.

The modules were very practical, and have enabled me to apply my learning to what I do now. For example, I did modules in pensions, and machine learning and contingencies. These provided me with a strong basis and understanding of all the business concerns that are applied to my work.

Every day is a different challenge. The programme is very demanding. It constantly tests your ability and encourages you to fulfil your potential. You are exposed to a wide range of challenges, tasks, environments and group projects with strict deadlines. To meet them, you develop certain skills and abilities, such as persistence, cooperation, hard work and attention to detail. It gave me some remarkable experiences that I will never forget. I have met some great people with lots of talent and intelligence and have made many special friendships, with both professors and students.

The careers team offered me great advice and helped me to recognise my personality and abilities, and how they relate to the recruitment process, which I think helped me to secure my current job. They also organised many guest lecturers from different corporations, which helped me to understand how to connect with senior personnel, and how to get in touch with them.

One of the highlights of the programme was the careers fair. It was one of the most exciting experiences, because I managed to expand my network and connect with the industry’s elite.

My experience has had a tremendous impact on my career development. In fact, I would say that an MSc at Bayes Business School is a passport to a successful career, enabling you to work for the best organisations. I managed to fulfil my initial goal by securing a job during my MSc, so was able to see the benefits of my studies, before I even completed the programme. I am now a Junior Trainee Actuary for the Government Actuary’s Department in the City of London.

I’m very proud that I was given the opportunity to study at Bayes. I highly recommend it.