Executive Master's in Medical Leadership Scholarships

The six Covid-19 Medical Leadership Commemoration Scholarships for the Executive Master’s in Medical Leadership, are in memory of the many doctors who died during the pandemic.

The majority of doctors who fell victim to Covid-19 were from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities, which are also represented in the scholarships.

These Commemoration Scholarships were motivated by the death of Dr Kirsty Gillgrass who had been a student on the Executive Master’s in Medical Leadership.

Each of the doctors remembered here believed strongly in medical leadership – the need for doctors to move into leadership and management positions in health care organisations.

The six doctors remembered in the scholarships are:

  • Dr Kirsty Gillgrass was GP Partner at Crystal Peak Medical Centre and Clinical Director Elective Care & Cancer, covid lead and is described as an ‘instrumental GP who went beyond expectations to care for her patients’.
  • Dr Vishna Rasiah, a Consultant Neonatologist from Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Trust who was ‘passionate about the care of babies and their families’
  • Dr Paul Kabasele, an ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust who was ‘a man of faith, family, work, and integrity’
  • Dr Poornima Nair, worked in women’s infertility and women’s reproductive health, and at Station View Medical Centre in Bishop Auckland and is described as someone who showed generosity and love to everyone around her
  • Dr Mamoona Rana, worked as a psychiatrist and was the UK’s first female doctor who died of Covid-19, while helping others at North East London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Abdul Chowdhury, worked in the NHS within Urological Surgery, and had ‘a great passion in teaching, training and clinical leadership’.

The scholarships, which are worth £5,000 each, will be offered as a priority to UK based doctors who would like to join the Executive Master’ in Medical Leadership on a self -funded basis.