Students offer glimpse into future with Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Day

Bayes Business School hosted students from London, Oxford and Cambridge universities to discuss research projects.

The next generation of academics came together to share their projects and ideas in a Bayes Business School-inspired Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation (SEI) Research Day.

The SEI Research day was the brain child of Bayes research students Matteo Devigili and Patrick Hallila, together with Konstantin Scheuermann from University College London and Yunus Emre Isik, from Oxford. The event gave the opportunity for PhD students at London, Cambridge and Oxford-based universities to present their research and network with peers and faculty.

This year's event welcomed more than 60 faculty and students from Bayes, Imperial College Business School, King's College London Business School, London Business School, The University of Cambridge Judge Business School, UCL School of Management, and The University of Oxford Saïd Business School.

The research presented varied from early-stage work to more developed ideas, with academics from across Bayes attending the sessions.

Bayes students in the lecture theatre PhD students present their work at Bayes

These included sessions on: technology and innovation, with papers discussing problem solving in the era of artificial intelligence and disclosure choices by managers; and strategy and entrepreneurship, with papers on how internal competition impacts firm performance and the strategic costs of social capital in pre-firm entrepreneurship. The group also held two panel discussion on the academic job market and how to conduct high-quality research.

Matteo Devigili said the day was a success, with a lot of ideas shared and lessons learned.

“The event left us with inspiring intuitions and findings on novel organisational and managerial challenges.’’

Professor Zach Estes, Director of the PhD in Management, said: "The event was a huge success, from the innovative presentation and discussion formats to the highly engaging audience participation. The next generation of management scholars were on show, and the future looks bright. I'm really pleased that the PhD students entirely organised and led such an interesting and successful event, and it was great to see so many leading faculty from across the London area providing invaluable feedback to the students. I'm so proud that Bayes was at the centre of it."


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