Business School academics and alumni earn award nods for contributions to research

Academy of Management scholars praise work of Business School staff and students, past and present

Academics and alumni from the Business School (formerly Cass) received multiple award nominations by the annual Organisation and Management Theory (OMT) Division for their contributions to research.

The nominees were selected among the thousands of submissions to the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) — the biggest and most important association for management and organisation scholars in the world.

Wendy Kilminster, PhD Fellow; Dr Alessandro Giudici, Senior Lecturer in Strategy; and Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, Professor of Strategic Management, were nominated under the OMT Division Best Paper category for their article ‘The active persistence of shared characteristics in an organized market’.

Dr Paolo Aversa, Senior Lecturer in Strategy, and Emanuele Bianchi, MSc graduate and co-founder of sustainable streetwear brand R3UNITE, contributed ‘The grand tour: The role of catalyzing places for industry emergence’ which was nominated for the OMT Best Entrepreneurship Paper Award. Former Research Fellow and current Visiting Scholar Alberto Nucciarelli was also a co-author on the paper.

Alessandro Tirapani, PhD graduate and Researcher and Lecturer in Organisation Studies at Montpellier Business School, was nominated for the Louis Pondy Best Dissertation Paper Award for ‘Turning the wheel? Interns and the reproduction of precariousness’. The paper was co-authored by Dr Mislav Radic, PhD alumni at the Business School and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the London School of Economics. Mr Tirapani and Dr Radic were also nominated for the Responsible Research Award for their paper ‘The public responsibility of platform corporations’.

Mae McDonnell, Associate Professor of Management at the University of Pennsylvania and Chair of the Research Committee said: “Congratulations to all the award-winning authors and to those whose paper and symposia were nominated”.

The Business School nominees shared in their surprise at receiving the recognition and were effusive in their praise of co-authors and colleagues.

Dr Aversa said: “I was positively surprised by this prestigious nomination, and very happy to be in good company of many Business School colleagues. The paper that got nominated is part of a research programme I am currently conducting on how and why certain places nurture new industries.”

Ms Kilminster said: “I was surprised to be nominated and flattered to be in the company of many of the School’s community who are supporting me in my PhD journey. I have been fortunate to benefit from the experience of my supervisors, who are my co-authors on this paper, in the form of critique, guidance and a healthy dose of good humour. This paper is part of my overall PhD research programme which looks at how groups of organisations organise themselves.”

Mr Tirapani said: “The nomination is a strong testament to the great research environment, not least in PhD training, that the Business School provides. I am passionate about researching the social and ethical consequences of precarious work. These papers, looking at internships and global platforms, go in this direction, and these nominations underscore once again the relevance of such topics.”

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