Dr Kevin Dunseath on the value of an MBA in today's market

The Director of City’s Dubai Centre appears on Dubai-based talk radio station to discuss how MBA’s can help mid-career professionals take their career to the next level.

Dr Kevin Dunseath leads the operations of the Dubai Centre, which since launching in 2009, has emerged as a market leader in postgraduate education for employers and employees in the Middle East and beyond.

In a recent interview with Dubai Eye 103.8, Dr Dunseath highlighted the value of the MBA in advancing the professional and personal development of executives. He also noted the uptick in interest in the MBA sparked by the pandemic

Speaking to the presenter Georgia Tolley, Dr Dunseath said:

“To a large extent the demand for the programme is countercyclical. So in difficult economic times, we typically find an uptick in demand for the programme because people are seeking to get ahead and they need that extra competitive advantage. MBA candidates want access to networks, to expand their knowledge, develop soft skills, and enhance their credibility."

Listen to a recording of the interview where Dr Dunseath discusses the benefits of pursuing an MBA.