Two professors from City’s Business School named Fellows of the British Academy

Professor Paula Jarzabkowski and Professor Charles Baden-Fuller awarded Fellowships for prestigious society championing humanities and social sciences

Two professors from City’s Business School have been elected as Fellows of the British Academy – the UK’s humanities and social science equivalent of the Royal Society.

Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, Professor of Strategic Management and Professor Charles Baden-Fuller, Centenary Chair in Strategy have both been awarded the honour, joining a community of more than 1,400 of the UK’s leading minds in the field of humanities and social sciences.

Each year at its annual general meeting, the Academy welcomes new Fellows whose research areas span a full range of subject areas. The City Professors are among 86 newly elected Fellows in 2020, and two of just three new Fellows for the Business and Management Division.

Professor Jarzabkowski, who was also named as a Fellow for the Academy of Management in May, was delighted at the recognition and believed it would help create interdisciplinary collaboration between her work and other fields of research.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be elected as a Fellow,” she said.

“The British Academy includes scholars from across all disciplines in Britain, and British Scholarship is world-leading, so it is really great to be acknowledged alongside experts who I greatly admire from other disciplines.”

Professor Baden-Fuller, already a Fellow of the Strategic Management Society, Academy of Social Sciences and British Academy of Management, was elected in recognition of his expertise in the field of organisational strategy and growth. He said:

“It’s a great honour for both myself and City’s Business School to have been made a Fellow of the British Academy.

“It is an important institution that acts as an authoritative voice for the concerns of those sectors in the public sphere.

“Our research has profound implications for UK public policy and for organisations operating in the UK and further afield, and being members of the British Academy will assist us in getting our message heard.

Professor Sir David Cannadine, President of the British Academy, said:

"I would like to extend a warm welcome and hearty congratulations to the individuals who have this week joined the British Academy Fellowship.

“This is a time to reflect on the many invaluable contributions these academics have made to their disciplines. It is also a time for celebration, and I hope that, social distancing measures notwithstanding, each of our new Fellows is able to do so in ways great or small."

The British Academy for the humanities and social sciences was established by Royal Charter in 1902, to inspire, recognise and support excellence and high achievement in the humanities and social sciences, throughout the UK and internationally, and to champion their role and value.

Professor Jarzabkowski and Professor Baden-Fuller join Professor Hugh Willmott, Professor of Management and Organisation, who became the City’s Business School’s first ever Academy Fellow in 2015.

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