"We will be stronger leaders": Charity Master’s graduates hail programme’s successes

Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness graduates take their learnings to the world.

As graduates of the Cass Charity Master’s programme take the stage and receive their degrees, they do so knowing they have acquired the power to make change.

Anna Cogger, who addressed the Barbican Centre’s packed auditorium, said she was proud to be graduating alongside a cohort of students who are as passionate about the charity sector as she is.

“Every student has brought their own experiences, from large or small organisations, international and domestic charities, and a wide range of roles,” she said.

“And it is by bringing together all that expertise and experience that we will go on to be stronger leaders in the future.

Anna Cogger - MSc Voluntary Sector Management

“As we see growing numbers of people eating from food banks, relying on charities to provide basic aid when they are unwell, or growing up in poverty, the work that charities do becomes more and more important.”

Other graduates have also taken the chance to provide their thoughts on the Cass Charity Master’s experience.

“The Charity Master’s course has allowed me to inject relevant, up-to-date and accurate knowledge into a variety of high-profile professional settings.”

Pearl Saville  -  MSc Charity Marketing and Fundraising

“As a qualification, a Charity Master’s from Cass is without doubt a Gold standard qualification it has contributed hugely to my personal and professional credibility as an aspiring charity leader.”

Jonathan Sandall - MSc Charity Marketing and Fundraising

“I don’t feel I would have felt ready, and I certainly wouldn’t have acquired the skills and knowledge needed unless I’d completed the master’s Course at Cass.”

Sheanna Loughnane - MSc NGO Management

“As a grant maker at the Open Society Foundations, the Master’s in NGO Management provided a unique insight into the strategies, approaches and challenges facing organizations.”

Roxanne Nazir - Msc NGO Management

“Those leading the course are some of the most insightful and experienced practitioners in the charity industry.”

Darren Wall - MSc Charity Accounting and Financial Management

“The Masters in Grantmaking, Philanthropy and Social Investment at Cass Business School has been transformative for me both personally and professionally.”

Fozia Irfan - MSc Grantmaking, Philanthropy and Social Investment

Pride, friendship and achievement

Ms Cogger closed her address by thanking faculty staff for leading the course with passion, and by reiterating her pride in being part of such a prestigious cohort of graduates.

“Studying this master’s gave me the conviction to take a step up; a leap of faith into a world of social impact bonds and outcomes contracts at a dynamic start up – something I would never have done otherwise,” she said.

“I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t be doing a job I love, if I hadn’t studied this degree.

“I’ll finish by saying a huge well done to every student graduating today. I hope you are as proud of each other as I am of you — I can’t wait to see what you all go on to achieve.

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