Team City makes it three in a row

City make it three wins in a row over Kingston University in a nail-biting encounter at Varsity 2019.

The Wolfpack were in full voice to watch City edge out a 37 – 35 win over Kingston University in the three day sporting event, Varsity. 

Check out the full post match Varsity coverage on City's IGTV.  

A head of the competition the camps were in high spirits with Women’s Hockey, Women’s Volleyball and Women’s Netball all topping their divisional leagues.

The rugby teams also received an additional pep talk from Rugby World Cup winner, Matt Dawson during a visit to CitySport .

Victories came in Men’s Futsal, Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Hockey, Men’s Badminton, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, Men’s Tennis and cricket.

Chiara De Vito, (BSc Accounting and Finance) and co-captain of the Women’s Volleyball Team, said: “It is my last year at City, so I am feeling sad, but I cannot be more proud of the team as to win three years in a row is an amazing achievement.

“We won our volleyball leagues in both my first and second year at City and the team now has the opportunity to win the playoffs and be promoted to the top division. Next year I will be cheering them on as a proud spectator!”

“The best memory I will take away from my time in the team is my teammates. It is easy to forget some games where we have won or lost, but the friendships will stay with me forever.”

Chiara De Vito, (BSc Accounting and Finance) and co-captain of the Women’s Volleyball Team

This year City students were invited to take more organisational control of the event, with Varsity captains selected to assist with the games at both CitySport and Tolworth Court at Kingston.

Giovanni Di Spirito, (BEng Aeronautical Engineering), and City’s Varsity captain said: “I said yes straightaway to being Varsity captain as sport means so much to me.

“We were mainly tasked with promoting the events and getting people in to watch. The results have been fantastic with packed crowds at all our games.

“I’d be lying if I said it was just me! We owe a lot to the other teams who came to watch and support each other, there is a real community here and all our teams have close relationships with each other. The atmosphere has been amazing and that is because we want everyone to succeed.

“Sport is so important to students, if you are under pressure or feeling down there is always a game to look forward to. You just know that the people on your team will be there to pick you up.”

Giovanni Di Spirito, (BEng Aeronautical Engineering), and City’s Varsity captain

Check out the post match coverage on City's IGTV. City students can join sports teams by registering on the Students’ Union website.

Full results

City home games

City Women’s Hockey win
City Men’s Hockey loss

City Futsal win

City Netball loss

City Women’s Volleyball win
City Men’s Volleyball win

City Women’s Badminton loss
City Men’s Badminton win
City mixed Badminton draw

City Women’s Basketball win
City Men’s Basketball win

City away games

City Women’s Football loss
City Men’s 1st Football loss
City Men’s 2nd Football draw

City Women’s Rugby loss
City Men’s Rugby loss

City Cricket win

City Women’s Tennis loss
City Men’s Tennis win
City mixed Tennis draw