Changes to Actuarial Science curriculum

New curriculum will ensure that students have the up-to-date skillset, knowledge and attributes needed for a career as an actuary

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) has changed its curriculum and this will be reflected in both the BSc and MSc in Actuarial Science at Cass Business School.

Professor Ben Rickayzen, Head of the Faculty of Actuarial Science and Insurance, explained that the changes were designed to ensure that Cass Actuarial Science graduates were prepared for a wide range of employment opportunities.

“Employment opportunities for actuaries continue to develop and grow, in some cases outside the traditional areas.  At Cass we have a responsibility to ensure that the curriculum is relevant, up-to-date and reflects the skills, knowledge and attributes required of actuaries in a fast- changing global business environment.  We must ensure that our curriculum meets the IFoA and International Actuarial Association (IAA) international standards and we believe that the changes that we have made fully reflect this.”

Find out more about the changes here.

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