UK Commercial Property Lending Report set for expansion under Cass Business School

The report provides the most comprehensive review of the UK commercial real estate sector.

Cass Business School has been appointed to continue the influential UK Commercial Property Lending Report.

The report provides the most comprehensive review of the UK sector. It comprises data from more than 80 lenders in the UK and is used by the Bank of England within its Financial Stability Review.

Commercial real estate is at the heart of the modern economy, underpinning government’s aspirations for improved productivity, economic growth and social wellbeing.

The report was started by Bill Maxted in 1997 at De Montfort University and taken over by Dr Nicole Lux in 2016. The report will now be hosted by Cass Business School from 2018 onwards.

The sponsors and the author of the report are delighted to have found a leading academic institution in Cass to support ongoing research into commercial property lending.

About the report

Each report gives a detailed analysis of commercial real estate lending, showing a larger total of the sector’s debt than recorded by the Bank of England, with analysis not available in any other source. They are a key point of reference for all those involved in real estate as borrowers, lenders, lawyers, consultants or researchers.

Topics covered by the UK Commercial Property Lending Report include:

  • Trends since 1997 in the debt exposure of the real estate sector and the financial system
  • Splits of outstanding and new loans by type and nationality of lenders
  • current lending terms for senior, junior and mezzanine debt - loan to value ratios, interest rates and fees – across a range of property types, and types of loan.

The development and operation of the UK Commercial Property Lending Report has been possible due to the long-term financial support and technical guidance from:

  • Allen & Overy
  • Association of Property Lenders.
  • Bank of England
  • British Property Federation
  • Canada Life Investments
  • CRE Financial Council Europe
  • Fitch Ratings
  • GVA
  • Helaba
  • JLL
  • Kingfisher Property Finance
  • Link Asset Services
  • Maslow Capital
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Savills

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Dr Nicole Lux said:

“The UK Commercial Property Lending Report has grown continuously over the past years and will continue to expand in its scope. I am working on a Pan European initiative to include countries such as France and Spain, which requires additional resources. I am excited to be working with other Cass researchers and industry experts to bring this to fruition.”

Professor Marianne Lewis, Dean of Cass Business School said:

“This is an exciting time for Cass’s Real Estate offering. We have a track record in this sector and bringing the UK Commercial Property Lending Report on board reinforces our expertise in this field. We will also be launching a brand new Real Estate Research Centre later this year to bolster the work being done on this report and deliver exceptional academic thought-leadership to the sector.”

Ion Fletcher, Director of Finance Policy, British Property Federation said:

“Commercial real estate is at the heart of the modern economy – underpinning government’s aspirations for improved productivity, economic growth, and social well-being – and it is crucial that we understand how it is funded. The UK Commercial Property Lending Report is a fundamental part of this and we are delighted that it has found a new home. We look forward to seeing the report develop and become an even more useful source of information about our industry.”

Peter Cosmetatos, Chief Executive of CREFC Europe, said:

“We are delighted that Dr Lux will be able to benefit from the sector expertise that Cass can offer in continuing to develop the Report over the coming years.”

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