Cass extends Executive Medical Leadership to veterinary profession

Developing vets' leadership and management skills

Cass Business School will extend its pioneering Executive Masters in Medical Leadership to vets – helping them to further their leadership and management skills.

The Executive Masters in Medical Leadership is a two-year part-time course, running from September for two days a month.

Vets will study alongside doctors to learn how to:

  • Manage people and organisational change
  • Use techniques for managerial accounting and business planning
  • Use data analytics to drive decision-making
  • Formulate strategy and drive innovation
  • Navigate the regulatory and policy environment
  • Understand the positive impact good leaders can make.

Leadership expert and Course Director Dr Amanda Goodall said the course would enable vets to nurture professional and organisational relationships, influence others and develop an effective veterinary team.

“The veterinary profession is exceptionally demanding and success requires expertise that spans well beyond core clinical and medical skills.  This course is jointly designed by veterinary practioners, medics and business school experts.  What we teach is evidence-based and draws on our own research and case studies, as well as expert knowledge,” she said.

Dr Amanda Goodall

Professor Stephen May, President, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons said the course would provide essential continuing professional development training for the future veterinary leaders of tomorrow.

“Leadership at all levels is an important part of professional development and the delivery of excellent veterinary services.  A focus on the development of leadership skills should therefore be a key aspect of continuing professional development for all veterinary professionals,” he said.

Find out more about the Executive Masters in Medical Leadership here.

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