Entrepreneurship Fund invests in Actus Software

Cass Entrepreneurship Fund announces completion of a new growth equity investment round into performance management software Actus.

Actus Software, launched in 2012, is the brainchild of Lucinda Carney, a former business psychologist.

The Actus platform provides performance management solutions for a wide range of corporate and public bodies, to improve employee engagement and enable teams to achieve better performance and productivity.

Actus Performance Management software has grown to prominence in the UK market place over the last five years.

Investment from the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund paves the way for further development of the technology and expansion of sales and marketing activity to support the company’s growth plans.

We have formed a strong partnership with the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund team, and feel that we have found the right long-term financial and business partner to support our ambitions for continued growth.

Lucinda Carney, Founder-CEO of Actus Software

“Functionality and ease of use have always been the key drivers of our product offering,” Lucinda added. "Our software supports many types of organisations, large and small, with one common goal - to culturally enable performance improvement and employee engagement through better management of workforce productivity and development.”

Helen Reynolds, Investment Director of the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund said, “We are delighted to support Lucinda and her team. Actus clients are demonstrating real improvements in engagement and performance through implementation of their leading-edge platform”.

The Actus value proposition is based on its award-winning technology, extensive industry knowledge and high level of behavioural expertise.

It's designed to help embed a performance based mind-set, confidence, and ability; bringing the clarity needed through clear objective setting aligned to organisation goals to strategically focus on shaping an agile, performance-based workforce.

About the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund

The Cass Entrepreneurship Fund is a commercially focussed, £10m investment fund based at Cass Business School. It was established in 2010 and provides growth equity investment to early-stage, revenue-generating companies.

The Fund backs skilled management teams with a clear vision and the drive to meet the challenges of early-stage business development, and to help them realise their commercial ambitions for growth. For more information, see www.cassentrepreneurship.fund

The fund was created with the support of Peter Cullum, a high profile Cass alumnus and Chairman of Global Risk Partners.