Cass Executive Education launches three new Finance Open Courses

Applications are now open for courses later this year.

Cass Executive Education - the business school’s primary portal for corporate engagement – has launched three new finance open courses: Private Equity Essentials; Hedge Funds; and Mergers & Acquisitions. These three courses will complement the already successful open programme offering.

Private Equity Essentials will run in July for business leaders looking to gain a greater understanding of the private equity investment landscape. It will build an understanding of the nature and structure of the global private equity sector, and attendees will learn how venture capital and buyout deals are done, gain an overview of the private equity investment life cycle, appreciate how private equity funds work, and study the private equity investment approach of leading institutional investors.

Hedge Funds will run in June for high-calibre senior and rising executives who are, or are about to engage with hedge funds. The course will help them gain a deep understanding of the global market for hedge funds so that they become fluent in the complex structures of hedge funds. Participants will also appreciate what to expect when investing in portfolios of hedge funds, or in fund of funds.

Mergers & Acquisitions will run in October and is for high-calibre senior and rising executives who are, or are about to become involved in any or all stages of the M&A process. Attendees will: become fluent in the topic of M&A; develop a deep understanding of the blend of strategic and financial concepts applied to M&A; learn about the full impact on organisations and people following a corporate restructure; learn how to identify the most lucrative merger or acquisition opportunities and how to select the best partners to get the maximum reward from the deal.

Associate Dean for Corporate Relations, Professor Andrew Clare, said: “These three exciting new courses are based upon the three most successful MSc elective courses and will be taught by three of our most popular and most experienced lecturers – Dr Nick Motson, Professor Scott Moeller and Edgar Miller – all of whom have significant practical experience of these topics.

“By launching these courses we aim to bring together all of the best aspects of Cass – its research centres, its Master’s programme and its Faculty, making this mix available in an Executive Education context.”

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