Undergraduate degrees

Undergraduate degrees at Bayes Business School

Bayes Business School is a well-respected business school in London.

If you’re considering a career in business or financial services, we are the place for you.

We offer thirteen undergraduate degrees in accountancy, actuarial science, business management and finance, each designed in collaboration with industry to make your degree relevant and rewarding.

Chat to one of our student ambassadors to find out more about your intended course and what it’s like to study with us. We have a number of Business School students ready to take your questions, speak to one today.

BSc Accounting and Finance

Our BSc Accounting and Finance degree equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your accountancy or finance career. This degree is one of a small number of UK degrees supported by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

BSc Actuarial Science

The skills you gain on the BSc Actuarial Science undergraduate course will kickstart your actuarial career. You can also enter careers in risk management, investment management or financial analysis.

BSc Banking and International Finance

On this highly flexible programme, you’ll focus on the global banking industry. You’ll benefit from academic rigour and a strong emphasis on practical, vocation learning in an international context.

BSc Business Management

On this course, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the academic theory that exists around management. But that’s just the start. You will also learn to apply the theory to the actual business of running an organisation.

BSc Business Management, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This degree pathway explores technological and innovation trends and their impact on organisations. You’ll gain a broad understanding of business with a strong emphasis on managing innovation. You’ll study the exceptional challenges associated with innovations that can trigger massive changes in what is possible within a business.

BSc Business Management with Social Purpose

This course will produce graduates who are ready to lead on social change. You’ll learn from experts in the charity sector as well as in areas such as finance, marketing, management and corporate social responsibility.

BSc Business with Finance

On this course, you'll gain an understanding of the various elements of running a business and managing an organisation with an emphasis on finance, accounting, and economics.

BSc Business with Marketing

On the Business with Marketing course you’ll gain a broad understanding of business from a marketing perspective. You’ll learn about a wide range of marketing issues including the marketing mix, consumer behaviour, branding and advertising. The changing nature of marketing will be an important component of your studies.

BSc Data Analytics and Actuarial Science

The course will develop your understanding of mathematics, probability, statistics, economics and IT as well as exploring the areas of probability modelling, data analysis and the financial markets.

BSc Finance

Our BSc Finance degree will provide you with a broad understanding of the principles of finance; including corporate finance, asset pricing, international finance and corporate governance.

BSc Finance with Actuarial Science

The Finance with Actuarial Science undergraduate course will equip you with financial risk management and analysis skills that will boost your career prospects in investment management, risk management or actuarial science. Financial engineering or financial analysis careers will also be open to you.

BSc International Business

The International Business pathway provides a global perspective on business reflecting your base in London as a world city. As part of this degree you must spend some time at one of our overseas partners and use this experience to contribute to your understanding of management concepts.

BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management

Global financial markets are more complex and more highly regulated than ever before. The Investment and Financial Risk Management programme equips you with the skills to move into this competitive job market with confidence, from portfolio management to risk analysis.