Oryane Yungu

"My favourite part of the course was the opportunity to discover entirely new topics."

Course studied: BSc Banking and International Finance

Graduating year: 2023

Why did you choose to study Banking and International Finance?

In all honesty, numbers, money and a ‘high number of money’ has interested me for many years.

When it came to choosing this degree, I looked over the modules and they really interested me, plus I thought they aligned well with my preferred career path.

What would you say is great/important about finance? How did you become interested in it?

The importance of finance lies within its interconnections with all in society – the laws of finance control a great number of our rulings.

Thus, I believe a knowledge of finance can mean the hope of greater financial freedom.

My parents have both had part of their careers within the banking sector and, whilst they never made me choose Finance as a career path, my curiosity was easily influenced by their finance-related conversations and fascinations.

What is your favourite part of the course?

My favourite part of the course was the opportunity to discover entirely new topics.

My Financial Accounting and Investment modules were completely new to me and discovering those important basics (the principles and equations) was incredibly fascinating.

What kind of things are you involved in outside your course?

Outside of my course, I am involved in many societies and programmes. I am the incoming Treasurer of the African-Caribbean Society and the Communications Officer of the Debating Society.

Other societies I am a member of are the Asset Management and Fashion Flare societies, and I have been a part of SEO London’s 2021 HerCapital Programme, aiming to close the gender ‘confidence gap’.

As an activist, it was important for me to be a Student Equality Diversity and Inclusion Representative, equally I am a Brand Ambassador for the University as well as J. P. Morgan.

Have you had the opportunity to do any internships or placements?

I have been extremely lucky, this year, to have been accepted onto Nomura’s two-week paid Spring Internship programme in their Debt Capital Markets desk.

It was an honour to be chosen as the top 1.6% of applicants to participate in their ‘Women’s Immersion Programme’.

I learnt a huge amount about the Investment Banking world and met incredible current and future industry professionals!

Tell us more about your current plans for the future?

Currently, I have a vision of entering the Investment Banking or Asset Management industry and am applying for Summer internships.

I also hope to be able to further different social causes with the knowledge, network and capital I gain throughout these next crucial years.

What impact do you feel the course has had on you personally and professionally?

Personally and professionally, I feel this course has allowed me to meet many like-minded individuals – whether students or professionals – and expand my network.

Additionally, I have been able to learn more things about the industry I wish to enter and the range of this course has given me greater confidence that I have the tools to succeed.

What are the developments in the profession of finance, you’re most looking forward to or most interested by?

I am most interested in the changes in diversity and inclusion; it is becoming increasingly harder to ignore these questions, not only from a social perspective but also from an economic perspective.

In Secondary School, my Extended Project Qualification centred on the ‘extent to which gender inequality negatively impacts global economies’, thus, I am hugely fascinated by how diversity changes would positively impact the world of Finance.

To me, these changes should include racial, gender, religious, social mobility diversity as well as including different sexualities, ages (especially with female age discrimination) and opinions.

Secondly, growing sustainability efforts within the Finance industry are very pressing and exciting.

What key piece of advice would you give to future finance students?

If I was to advise future Finance students, I would say ‘hang in there’; take everything in and keep an open mind, explore all opportunities.

Overall, find the positives of your course, but also don’t just focus on your course. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have in this year without seizing all the extra opportunities given to me.

I also can’t deny the importance of a great support network that encourages you, be that family or like-minded friends.

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