Madalina Perjoiu

Course: BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management

Why did you decide to apply to study at the Business School (formerly) Cass?

When choosing my university, I took into account three main factors: the location, the ranking for my degree and the modules or flexibility of the subjects I would study. The Business School was on the top of my list because it ticked all the boxes. I knew that studying in the heart of London would give me the opportunity to connect with employers, which was a great advantage and something I was definitely on the lookout for.

What were the most important resources for you in helping you to make a decision?

I was lucky enough to find a Romanian studying the same degree that I was looking for. Discussing about the modules, assessment methods, opportunities and facilities at the Business School helped me gain a deep insight into life at the university and made the decision easier. The prospectus was also a great resource in outlining the main characteristics of the course and the entry requirements.

What is your favourite thing about studying at the Business School?

My favourite thing about studying here is the opportunity I have every day to do something new if I feel the need to - from part-time work to societies, language courses and social events.

What kind of things are you involved in outside your course?

I am a Student Ambassador, representing City at all events on and outside campus. I am also a committee member of the Business School's Finance & Banking Club, which I joined in my first year of university - leading a society from early on has taught me responsibility and confidence. Moreover, I am a CityBuddy, mentoring first-year students from my course and helping them settle into their new student lives.

Have you had the opportunity to do any internships during your course?

I had the great opportunity to do spring internships in my first year of university. They were very insightful, I learnt a lot while meeting people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and cultures! The Careers Centre advised me on my applications and CV, therefore I am definitely recommending their services.

What would be your top tip for our applicants?

When you make your decision, think about your priorities and own your decision.

As a student, take opportunities - try things that might not seem to fit you at first, you never know! I suggest you focus on gaining work experience, while balancing this with your studies and social life.

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