Fakiha Maqsood

"I particularly enjoyed the miscellaneous courses in each term. There was a great balance of accounting, finance, and business-related modules that interacted well with one another in each term."

Course studied: BSc Accounting & Finance
Graduating year: 2020

What do you do now? What do you enjoy about what you do now?

I am currently pursuing ACCA as a full-time student. What makes it more interesting for me is the fact that this qualification is well-rounded in the accounting and finance profession, it also allows me to explore multiple disciplines at the same time. I firmly believe that if you are really interested in something then it becomes easy to pursue it, learn about it, and eventually excel in it.

I believe that this is the reason I was able to achieve multiple national placements in ACCA exams in Pakistan and a worldwide highest mark in the Advanced Taxation exam.

Why did you choose to study at the Business School?

Being an international student, I was looking for an institute where the faculty was as driven and passionate about the business world as I am. This Business School met all these requirements. While considering offers from various institutes, the fact it was one of the best ranking schools in the UK and situated in the heart of London compared to university towns was the ultimate deal maker for me and thus I selected it. Being the business hub, London, provides a first-hand experience of the financial world.

How has the Business School supported you in your career journey, and helped you get to where you are today?

I would not have been a global prize-winner in ACCA had it not been for the Business School and its highly qualified faculty. The knowledge that I gained during my time there massively helped me during my preparation for ACCA examinations. The lecturers did not just equip the students with technical knowledge but also encouraged them to step into the practical world and analyse and interpret real world scenarios with utmost accuracy and detail. It can be safely said that the Business School paved the way for my future achievements.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I particularly enjoyed the miscellaneous courses in each term. There was a great balance of accounting, finance, and business-related modules that interacted well with one another in each term.

Modules like Equity Investment Management and Corporate Strategy were immensely interactive and gave me exposure to a new side of financial markets to which I was not acquainted before.

What was the hardest part of your course?

The first and the third year were particularly hard. Being an international student, I was exposed to a different culture and environment coupled with the fact that I had to adapt to distinct work ethics also. In the final year, balancing coursework, exams, job applications, master’s applications, and the dissertation during the pandemic proved to be a real challenge.

Were there any lecturers who particularly inspired you?

I developed a very professionally interactive relationship with almost all my lecturers. To name a few, Dr Danielle Lyssimachou taught me the importance of striking a balance between mental health, professional life, and personal life.

Stefano De Cesaris and his jovial ways of teaching financial accounting were something to remember. His clear concepts made it easy to grasp the standards and this laid the foundation that aided me in achieving the highest marks in Pakistan in ACCA’s Strategic Business Reporting exam.

Catherine Hall and her tax knowledge bank that she carried along used to light up the room and that is the ultimate reason that I am a global prize-winner in ACCA in taxation. The way she enjoyed teaching tax was contagious and made tax extremely interesting to learn. Lastly, a huge thanks to Paula and Kenneth who made law bearable for me.

What was your favourite part of being a Business School student?

My favourite part of being a student was the school’s vibrant surroundings. Located in the heart of central London, it gave me a real taste of the corporate world surrounded with high towering offices and highly passionate people. A few personal favourite aspects of the Business School were its interactive lectures with people from all over the world, regular networking events and the CityBuddies mentoring programme.

If you could give one piece of advice to a prospective Accounting & Finance student, what would it be?

The time as an undergraduate is going to be a deal-breaker or a dealmaker. It is extremely essential to balance the university workload, extracurricular activities, professional networking, and self-exploration all at the same time. If an opportunity presents itself, seize it no matter what. Failures will only teach you how to be the best version of yourself. Lastly, make use of the luxurious services offered by the career department. It will polish you as an individual and will be extremely helpful in your future endeavours.

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