Anouska Sharma

Course: BSc Accounting and Finance

What were you doing before you came to study at City?

Before studying at City, I took a gap year to work and give myself a break, which was a very enriching experience for me.

Why did you decide to apply to study at City, University of London?

I wanted a well-ranked university in London, which was convenient for me to travel to. I decided on City after a lot of careful thinking and planning, since it had exactly the course I was looking for, with plenty of extra-curricular activities that fit around my schedule flexibly, such as free language courses, loads of societies and part-time jobs to earn money on the side.

What is your favourite thing about studying at City?

My favourite thing, amongst a lot of other amazing things, is the passion and enthusiasm all my lecturers have for their subject. It is evident in their teaching that they have had plenty of experience in their field and they try their best to pass on their acquired knowledge to us.

What kind of things are you involved in outside of your course?

I am a Marketing Student Ambassador which is a great way to earn money. It is also incredibly fun and gives you good organisation and communication experience.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

Since I took a gap year, I plan to go straight into work. My ideal career would be in accounting or investment banking.

What would be your top tip for our applicants?

It is never too early to think about your career, as long as you are sure it is what you want to do, once you graduate.

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