Modules and assessment

Module selection

As a Bayes exchange student you can take modules from across all of our Bayes undergraduate degrees, in each year of study. Please check the module outlines for a full description of what you will be learning in the class and which term the module is available.

Final module registration will take place during induction week but you will need to make a provisional selection of modules on your application.

For a full-time course load it is recommended that you take four modules per term. Each term-long class passed is worth 15 credits (7.5 ECTS equivalent)

Cultural modules

We also have two cultural modules available for selection - Historic London and Performing Arts in London. Further details of these classes will be available during orientation.


Modules are assessed by coursework and examination. It is possible to take an official alternative examination assessment to be completed during term time rather than returning to the university for the main exam period - you can register for this in the first week of term. A grade of 40% for each component of the module is required to pass.