Professional experience

A career focused education

At Bayes, our approach to your education means you are guaranteed to graduate with some professional experience. Whether you’re a UK or international student, being in this unique position will make you an attractive candidate to employers when you enter the job market.

As a Bayes undergraduate student you will gain the skills, experience and knowledge in the real world through a global business school in London.  You will choose one professional experience module as part of your degree and take a core career focus module to help you prepare for the application process when you’re seeking graduate employment. Three or four professional experience modules are available per course and there are a diverse range of modules to choose from. Please note modules are subject to change.

Professional experience modules


You will spend one month completing a project with one of our employer partners over the summer. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills, make contacts within the industry and gain valuable experience in a professional environment. We have over 100 employer partners covering a variety of industries including Lloyds Banking Group, House of Commons, Pinsent Masons, The Body Shop and Thames Reach and our dedicated micro-placements team will guide you through the process and be on hand to support you throughout. Please note employer partners may change from year to year.

Find out more about micro-placements

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Mentoring and Coaching for Leadership

On the Mentoring and Coaching for Leadership module you will utilise newly acquired business coaching and mentoring techniques with pupils at local secondary schools or incoming first year students to help them overcome their barriers to success. This is an excellent option if you want to develop leadership skills and communication techniques that are relevant to all business sectors.

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Summer internship reflection

When you return to Bayes following a summer internship, you will reflect upon your experience so that you can effectively articulate the skills and knowledge you developed when speaking to potential employers. This module will also help direct your future career goals by reflecting on your likes and dislikes during your internship.

Applied Business Project / Applied Research Project / Advanced Management Practice

You will work in a team to complete consultancy a project with one of our employer partners. This could be solving a business problem, writing a marketing strategy, or working on an innovation project. This is an excellent option to put what you’ve learnt into practice, demonstrate your innovative ideas and impress your client.

For my Advanced Management Practice module I was assigned to TCM Group, a consulting company specialising in workspace mediation.


The project’s aim was to consult the company on a tool they planned to use on their own customers when first evaluating them. The goal was to make it so that the tool could be able to collect data and subsequently so that the collected data could be analysed by all their consultants. Our meeting was successful as we engaged in meaningful conversations and the client was extremely satisfied with my work.

This project, focused on innovation, made me understand how businesses use their expertise not only to help their clients but also to make a profit. Moreover, I had never heard of a HR consultancy firm, and this intrigued me. Therefore, I connected on LinkedIn with the employees of the company thanking them for their time and asking to keep me updated on TCM’s future endeavors. I also asked if any internship positions were open as I would be happy to apply.

I was then offered an internship as a Research Assistant for a project focused on the NHS’ workplace culture and I’m still working on it at the moment!

Lucrezia Anselmi, BSc Business Management, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Integrated Professional Training

If you complete a placement year, when you return to Bayes you will reflect upon your experience so that you can effectively articulate the skills you developed for future employment opportunities. You will also reflect on what you liked and disliked to help align your future career goals.

Embedded careers education

All Bayes undergraduate students also take a careers module which is designed to help you define your skills and what you enjoy so that you can find the right career path for you and support you to become the most attractive candidate in the job market.

During the module you will:

  • Self-reflect on your skills and knowledge to ensure a good match between you and the career paths available
  • Build on your research skills to develop your commercial awareness and ensure you are aware of the options available to you
  • Explore work experience and extra-curricular activities to help you secure relevant experience and improve your transferable skills
  • Develop your application and interview skills to build your confidence when applying for jobs

Work placement and summer internships

One year placements and summer internships are available to undergraduate students with the support of our dedicated placements team.

Career support

Our Careers and Employability Service are on hand to support your employability for three years after you graduate. One-to-one advice is available throughout your studies to ensure you are fully prepared upon graduation. Support includes CV writing, completing application forms, interview preparation, mock interviews, creative job search and information about vacancies and further study.