Managing for Social Purpose

People over Profit

Businesses across the globe are increasingly aware of their responsibilities to wider society and the environment. However standard business theory and practice often focuses on benefitting shareholders and profit maximisation. Is it possible for businesses to maximise profit whilst also benefiting society?

The Managing for Social Purpose module is an elective module available to 2nd year Business Management students and a core module for BSc Business Management with Social Purpose students, which aims to answer exactly this question, plus many more.

The module takes a broad definition of social purpose organisations to encompass traditional charities, voluntary organisations and NGOs, social enterprises, and the growing number of hybrid organisations, operating at the boundary between for-profit and not-for-profit. It will also include an examination of the growing interest in corporate social responsibility, shareholder engagement and socially responsible investing.

Furthermore, this module will provide a systematic understanding of the key theories and concepts of leading and managing within a social purpose organisation, the policy context in which such organisations operate, and the skills and knowledge relevant to working in this field.

Bayes Business School is a UN PRME Member institution. This is recognition that we have a commitment to developing and sharing best practice in responsible management education (RME).

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