Undergraduate scholarships for Black British students

About the Scholarship

As a global institution, Bayes Business School aims to foster greater racial diversity in business. It is offering ten scholarships for Black UK-domiciled undergraduate students from lower-than-average income households. Each scholarship covers the full tuition fee (at home-fee level) and a £6,000 annual stipend for three years. Scholarship holders will also be offered mentoring and support.

Applications opened on 21 October 2022 and will closed in March 2023 for the academic year 2023-2024. 

With this programme, which will run over 10 years and costs approximately £5 million, Bayes Business School repurposes the gift received from the Portal Trust (formerly the Sir John Cass Foundation) in 2002. This initiative, which aligns with the reparation principle set out as one recommendation in City, University of London’s Review of Historic Funding, supports the School’s commitment to widen participation in higher education.

“In 2021, we changed our name to reflect our values, but a name change alone is not enough – we have to do much more. This scholarship fund is a crucial part of our commitment. These scholarships will give talented young people, who might find it otherwise hard to access a Bayes education, the opportunity to study with us, develop their potential and become business leaders of the future. We look forward to welcoming our new scholarship holders into our thriving school, where students from over 150 countries study in the heart of the City of London.” Professor Andre Spicer, Dean of Bayes Business School.


To be eligible for this scholarship the applicant must:

  • Be a UK student, with assessed fee-status equal to ‘home’.
  • Be of Black ethnicity:
    a) Black African
    b) Black Caribbean
    c) Black Other
    d) Mixed – White and Black Caribbean
    e) Mixed – White and Black African
    f) Other mixed background (to include Black African, Black Caribbean or Black Other)
  • Be from a household with annual income less or equal to £31,000[1]
  • Satisfy Bayes Business School’s offer condition for the chosen course

[1] Disposable income is the household income measure adopted by the Office of National Statistics. Disposable income is the amount of money that households have available for spending and saving, after accounting for direct taxes (such as Income Tax, National Insurance and Council Tax). It includes earnings from employment, private pensions and investments as well as cash benefits provided by the state.

Application process

Applicants must apply to City University via UCAS, by 25 January 2023 , and submit their application for the scholarship no later than 17 March 2023.

Before applying please ensure that you satisfy all eligibility criteria and have the following information:

  • Name and date of birth
  • UCAS ID number (ten-digit number)
  • Ethnicity
  • Proof of household income
  • A form of ID
  • A personal statement of a maximum of 2,500 words, which explains how you will benefit from the scholarship programme. This statement is different from the one submitted to UCAS, as it should include your strengths and plans for the future and also highlight how this scholarship can support these plans.

Applications will be assessed based on the above criteria. Information provided in the application form below and via UCAS will be considered.

A pool of selected applicants will be invited for a visit to Bayes Business School in March, when there will be an opportunity to learn more about the Scholarship Programme, and attend a brief interview with the selection panel. Following this visit, references may be requested.

Notification of the outcome of the selection process will be made by 31 March 2023.

If you receive and accept an offer of a scholarship, you must make City, University of London, your Firm choice, either as Conditional Firm (CF) or Unconditional Firm (UF), in line with the UCAS response deadline

Application form - Black British Undergraduate Scholarships.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are related to 2023 entry:

  1. The scholarship is only valid for undergraduate students who meet all the eligibility requirements.
  2. Students must choose City, University of London as their Firm choice through UCAS at initial decision stage.
  3. Only students who would pay the full home fee, as set by the UK government, are eligible for an award.
  4. Scholarships are only applicable from the first year of undergraduate study at Bayes Business School.
  5. Students satisfying eligibility requirements and, who have successfully completed a Foundation Year at City, University of London, can apply for this Scholarship Fund. In this case, the scholarship will start from year 1 of their substantive degree programme.
  6. Students must register full-time and for the duration of the course, as scholarships will not be renewed or extended beyond the core three years of study at Bayes Business School. In addition:
    1. Scholarships can be resumed, if a student takes work placement in the third year. In which case, the scholarship is applicable to the first, second, and fourth year of study at Bayes Business School.
    2. A student may change programmes at Bayes Business School and keep the scholarship, if the new course and mode of study meet the eligibility criteria, and there are no implications for the duration of study at Bayes Business School (3 years).
    3. If a scholarship holder opts for a year of study abroad, the scholarship will not cover the year abroad, but will resume when the student returns to complete the course at Bayes Business School.
  7. A UK bank account details must be provided when accepting the scholarship offer. This account must be in the name of the scholarship recipient.
  8. The scholarship award comprises a total of £6,000 per annum, paid in 3 instalments (at the end of: September, January, and April) into a UK Bank account, and a tuition fee waiver across three years of undergraduate studies at Bayes Business School, City, University of London, subject to students fulfilling eligibility and course progression requirements.
  9. A scholarship recipient may not apply for other scholarships at City, University of London within the duration of the scholarship.
  10. If a student does not progress to the next academic year, then the scholarship will terminate[2].
  11. In case a student decides to withdraw, the scholarship will terminate at the date of withdrawal.
  12. The scholarship cannot be exchanged for an alternative award or be deferred.
  13. If the student’s status changes during their study, because of information omitted or falsified at the point of application, and the student becomes ineligible, City, University of London and/or Bayes Business School reserve the right to revoke the scholarship and claim back any fee waiver incorrectly made to the student.
  14. If a student breaks City, University of London and or Bayes Business School's regulations and is withdrawn from study, the scholarship terminates immediately. No further support will be available. If the student returns to study in a future date, the scholarship will not resume.
  15. Bayes Business School and/or City, University of London reserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of this scholarship. In this case, changes will appear on our website.

A complaint is normally a specific concern related to a procedural error, irregularity, or maladministration in admissions procedures or policies. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the administration of your scholarship, please contact Malla.Pratt.1@city.ac.uk

[2] Extenuating circumstances, if applicable, will be judged by Bayes Business School.