Scholarships and loans

There are a number of ways you can finance your study alongside living expenses whilst as Bayes. There are a number of different options available to you including loans for tuition fees and for living costs, as well as grants and bursaries.

There are a variety of funding options for all levels of study, including loans, grants and undergraduate scholarships Find out more about funding and financing your time at City here.

See our funding options listing for information on the Scholarships, Loans and Bursaries available to Bayes undergraduate students.

Scholarships are outlined below with further information:

Scholarships and Loans

Undergraduate scholarships for Black British students

As a global institution, Bayes Business School aims to foster greater racial diversity in business. It is offering ten scholarships for Black UK-domiciled undergraduate students from lower than average income households.

Each scholarship covers the full tuition fee (at home-fee level) and a £6,000 annual stipend for three years. Scholarship holders will also be offered mentoring and support.

To be eligible for this scholarship the applicant must:

  1. Be a UK student, with assessed fee-status equal to ‘home’.
  2. Be of Black ethnicity:
    a) Black African
    b) Black Caribbean
    c) Black Other
    d) Mixed – White and Black Caribbean
    e) Mixed – White and Black African
    f) Other mixed background (to include Black African, Black Caribbean or Black Other)
  3. Be from a household with annual income less or equal to £31,000[1]
  4. Satisfy Bayes Business School’s offer condition for the chosen course

More information and how to apply

Bayes Business School International Scholarship

Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) is offering a scholarship worth 25% of the first year tuition fees to International students paying overseas fees and starting a Business School undergraduate course from Year 1 in September 2023. The scholarship will be awarded as a discount in the fee amount due in the first year of their study only.

The scholarship is for students who achieve exceptional grades in the international qualifications accepted by Bayes Business School and their final grades must surpass the advertised academic entry criteria for the course and their offer requirements.


There are 20 of these scholarships available and to qualify for the Bayes Business School International Scholarship in 2023/24, you must meet the following conditions in full:

  • Be a student expecting to pay Overseas fees; and
  • Be in your first year of undergraduate study in 2023/24; and
  • Starting in year 1 of your degree at Bayes Business School of City, University of London, from September 2023; and
  • Be expected to achieve academic grades that exceed the conditions of your offer and the advertised academic criteria; and
  • Make City your Firm choice, either as Conditional Firm (CF) or Unconditional Firm (UF)

Registration and deadline

The process for applying for Bayes Business School International Scholarship is as follows:

Stage One:

  • All International applicants who submitted an application by 25th January 2023 (and have not been made unsuccessful) will be contacted with details of how to apply for the scholarship. Applicants who applied after the UCAS deadline of 25th January 2023 must contact our Admissions team at [email protected] if they are interested in applying for the scholarship, and will be sent a scholarship application via email.
  • Applicants will have until Thursday 31st August 2023 to submit an application for the scholarship. Applications received after this date will not be considered.
  • Applications will only be considered if an applicant selects City as their ‘firm’ choice and are due to enrol with us in September 2023.

Stage Two:

  • Following the 31st August 2023 scholarship deadline, the panel will assess each application based on their final academic results, selecting applicants who have demonstrated the highest performance and who have chosen City as their ‘firm’ choice university. Note that those selected must have exceeded the advertised entry requirement, but exceeding those requirements does not guarantee an award as the selection process is competitive.

Stage Three:

  • Only applicants who have successfully completed the first two stages of the scholarship application will be assessed at this stage.
  • Applicants must have completed registration in full. The deadline for 2023 registration will be 21 days after the first day of term (Welcome Week). This is expected to be 16th October 2023.
  • Students who have met the above requirements will receive written confirmation as to whether they have been awarded the scholarship by Thursday 30th November 2023.
  • Successful recipients of the scholarship will receive the amount of £5,500 (25% of the tuition fee of £22,000 for first year students commencing their studies in 2023) as a discount to their year 1 tuition fee and the amount will be subtracted from their January 2024 tuition fee instalment.


Undergraduate Admissions team at [email protected].

The Sekforde Scholarships

The purpose of The Sekforde Scholarships is to invest in the education and future of exceptional students in the hope and expectation that there will be a return to society.

Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Outstanding academic or other ability
  2. Financial need
  3. A desire and ability to make the world fairer and more sustainable.


The Sekforde House Trust Limited
34 Sekforde Street,

See more regarding The Sekforde Scholarships terms and conditions.

INTO Academic Achievement International Foundation Progression Scholarship

This scholarship is one of a number available to students studying with INTO City, University of London on a foundation pathway. It's awarded for outstanding achievement ahead of progression to an undergraduate degree.

  • Available for students progressing to Bayes Business School

There is no application process for these scholarships. They are awarded on the basis of academic performance.

See more regarding the INTO Academic Achievement Scholarship terms and conditions.

Kaplan Foundation Certificate Excellence Scholarship

City's partnership with Kaplan International College London includes the offer of scholarships for the highest-performing foundation programme students.

  • Available for students progressing to Bayes Business School

There is no application process for these scholarships. They are awarded on the basis of academic performance.

See more regarding the Kaplan Foundation Certificate Excellence Scholarship.

President's International Scholarship

If you are an international student starting an undergraduate course at City, a 50% scholarship is available for your first year.

This scholarship is designed as a recognition of the growing cost of studying at university.

See more regarding the President's International Scholarship terms and conditions.

Sharia compliant finance (loan)

Some Muslim students and members of other faiths may not wish to take out certain student loans to finance study and living costs, due to the interest added to the repayment of such loans.

The UK government has been looking into the possibility of an alternative Sharia-compliant funding system which would be available alongside traditional student loans.

See more regarding the Sharia compliant finance loan terms and conditions.

Undergraduate student loan

All first degree UK students, including part-time students, can take out a tuition fee loan through the Student Loans Company to cover the full cost of university tuition fees as follows:

  • Full-time undergraduate courses.
  • Foundation courses.

See more regarding Undergraduate Student Loan terms and conditions.

Unite Foundation Scholarship

The Unite Foundation offers a scholarship to young undergraduate students who are care leavers/care experienced or estranged (first degree course only) of a free student room in accommodation halls for a maximum of 3 years of university life.

No rent, no bills, 365 days a year for up to 3 years of eligible study.

See more information regarding the Unite Foundation Scholarship.

Lord Mayor of London Scholarship for Academic Excellence

We want our students to have equal opportunities, embrace their studies and enjoy their time at City. If you are starting an undergraduate course at City in September 2023 a 50% scholarship is available for your first year.

This is subject to you meeting the conditions and submitting a successful application.

The Lord Mayor of London scholars will be awarded the scholarship as a discount in the fee amount due in the first year of their study. This means that if you are self-funded or funded by the Student Loan Company (SLC), the amount of money due for the first year of study would be reduced by half.

See more information on the Lord Mayor of London Scholarship for Academic Excellence.