Cost of living

One of the biggest factors when deciding to undertake an MBA at Bayes Business School will be the cost of living in London. England’s capital and thriving business hub is an exciting place to live, but being aware of the costs will help you to enjoy it even more. Below is what to expect when moving to London.

Accommodation (private) - £500-£1,400 per month

Prices will vary depending on which zone in London you live in and whether you want to flat share or live alone. You could expect to pay more than this if you want to live within walking distance of the campus. However, the majority of students will live further out and commute in for classes. Private accommodation rent is not guaranteed to include utilities. You can use sites such as Zoopla, Rightmove and SpareRoom to find affordable accommodation in London. We would recommend looking at the governments website about your rights when renting in the UK as these may be different from what you are used to.

Electricity/Gas/Water/Council tax/Internet - £120 per month

Utilities in private accommodation are rarely included within the rental price. You are able to change internet providers if you find a better contract, however, electricity, gas and water providers are normally fixed by the landlord or letting agent. Council Tax will vary in amounts depending on the borough of London you live in but you will get a discount if you are a Full-time student.

Accommodation (in halls)- £400-£1,000 per month

City, University of London do work with affiliated halls of residence for post-graduate students. If you have a place in halls of residence, you can expect your accommodation to be between £130 and £260 per week depending on which Hall you are allocated to. This weekly amount includes utilities such as heating, lighting and hot water. You can see the post-graduate halls of residence here.

Travel - £40-£120 per month

London has a great travel network with trains, tubes, buses and bikes connecting you across the city. Each comes with a different price so depending on which public transport you take, this can affect your travel budget. As a student, you are eligible for a 30% discount on a student weekly or monthly travel card to use on buses and the underground.

Food - £150-£500 per month

While London is home to some of the best food in the world, eating out every day can become costly. Near the campus you can find chain coffee shops and supermarkets that have reasonably priced lunches. However, we recommend buying groceries and brining lunches if you are looking to budget your money.

Entertainment - £100-£200 per month

A benefit of returning to education is access to student discounts. Cinemas, museums and theatres often advertise a student price which you are entitled to. High-street retails often have student sales and many food vendors will provide various discounts. To take opportunity of any of these, we would recommend getting a TOTUM card from the Students' Union.