Collaborative environment

Experiential learning is key to putting your MBA knowledge into practice and developing life-long connections. Coupled with a diverse classroom, the insights you gain from diverse industries and cultural differences help to develop a global mindset. At the start of your programme, you are allocated to a study group designed to provide a support mechanism throughout your MBA. Your cohort will contain an incredible amount of talent and experience which you will source knowledge from, all with a common goal; for career advancement.

To me, there was no better investment I could have made in myself at that point in my career, as I was about to make the biggest pivot of my professional life. I was suddenly surrounded by people who had similar passions and were all pushing in the same direction.” Davinia Tomlinson EMBA 2014


Having a mentor is essential at any stage of your career which is why your Course Office selects recent graduates to impart their knowledge on the incoming cohorts. They are there from day 1 at induction and throughout your time on the MBA. They will -

  • Meet with your group at scheduled intervals to look at issues related to the programme such as project work, preparing exam cases and how to choose electives
  • Provide resources for team-based projects in core modules and electives
  • Develop lecture and revision summaries
  • Coach students on knowledge and information on subjects in which they have expertise.

Graduation and lifelong learning

Throughout your time as a student you will gain access to a global network of over 48,000  Bayes alumni with more than 12,500 MBAs working in senior positions around the globe. There are regular alumni events all over the world, bringing together current students and alumni. This network is key if you are looking to advance your career.

Once you graduate, the learning doesn’t stop. You are encouraged to take one free elective per year for the rest of your life. Whether you missed a topic, or you want to develop a new skill, returning to Bayes Business School is a great way to continue to develop and keep up to date with current trends.

MBA Student competitions

Students are encouraged to participate as a team at external competitions focusing on a range of topics. One which is held by the Careers and Professional Development team gives you the opportunity to demonstrate research and presentation skills to the Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandler.

There are also international competitions such as the Ben Graham Centre’s International Stock Picking Competition in Toronto. Full-time MBA student’s Akane Uchida and Varun Venkatraman utilised each other skillsets and won the competition in 2018. You can read more about their experiences on Akane's blog.

Not all competitions are academic based. The MBAT is the largest inter-MBA sports tournament, hosted by HEC Paris, with more than 15 schools and over 1500 participants. MBA students from all over Europe compete in more than 20 sports to win the MBAT trophy. This a great opportunity to meet and network with other MBA students from leading business schools and to demonstrate teamwork and sportsmanship.