Next Steps

Now that you have paid your deposit, there are a few tasks you must complete before starting your Full-time MBA journey in September.

  1. Email a scanned passport / portrait photo to the Full-time MBA Course Officer, so we can produce your access/ID cards and update your Moodle profile. This must be a JPEG file saved with the title as your full name.
  2. Email any dietary requirements to the Full-time MBA Course Officer (as there are several catered receptions and other events as part of the MBA).
  3. Register as a student - details will be sent by City, University of London in Mid-August.
  4. Complete your entry for the Talent Book (below).
  5. Complete the Harvard Maths Online Course (below).
  6. Complete the diversity and inclusion segment for your induction (below).
  7. Complete the Class activity: Would I lie to you? (below)

Full-time MBA Talent Book

The talent book is an opportunity to summarise your expertise and skills which is used by the Careers and Professional Development team when engaging with employers and internally at The Business School. It will also be shared with the school community such as Course Office and alumni as well as used for recruitment purposes when engaging with prospective MBA candidates.

Please submit your entry here.

The submission date for this form is 15th August 2021.

Harvard Maths Online Course

As part of your preparation you have been enrolled in the Harvard Mathematics for Managers online course. This is specifically designed for people about to embark on an MBA and you are expected to complete the Algebra, Probability and Statistics sections before Induction. You may of course complete other sections at your leisure.  Basic Finance would be very useful preparation for your finance modules and Differential Calculus would be helpful for economics.

The guideline time requirement for completion of the whole course is 15 hours and we recommend you also complete the test sections. However, this is purely for your preparation purposes and any results will not be used as part of the MBA. There is no minimum pass mark for any section of this online course.

You can access the course here.

Diversity and inclusion segment

Dear Class,

Welcome to your MBA at Bayes! I’m Professor Amit Nigam, and I will be leading the diversity and inclusion segment for your induction. I have some short, engaging pre-work for you to do - a very quick but thought provoking exercise and reflection. I hope you find both of the short assignments interesting, and look forward to engaging with you next week. You can find the document here.

Warm regards,


Would I lie to you?

Hello everyone!

In order to get to know each other better we are going to run an activity in class during the induction week, but I would like to first have your input. Below is a link with a google doc, please access the link and write three things that have happened to you, two of them should be true and one should be a lie. Please do not reveal which is a lie, because we are going to guess that in class altogether. The activity will depend heavily on your responses; if we do not have enough responses, we won’t be able to run the activity, so please do try to find a moment to complete it this week.

I am so excited to meet you on Tuesday!

Best wishes,

Dimi Paraskevopoulos, Full-time MBA Course Director

Recommended Activities

These activities are not mandatory, but are recommended to ensure you are prepared for the year ahead.


There is no compulsory reading you need to do ahead of your MBA. However, we do recommend that you stay up to date with journals such as the Financial Times, Business Week and The Economist.

If you would like to read something more academic, we can recommend the following text books:

  • Taking the Fear out of Data Analysis.  A. Diamantopoulos and B B Schlegelmilch
  • Statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics.  Neil J Salkind
  • Statistical Analysis with Excel for Dummies Joseph Schmuller
  • Management: An Introduction by David Boddy
  • Cracked it!: How to solve big problems and sell solutions like top strategy consultants. Garrett, Phelps & Sibony

LinkedIn Group

Join our LinkedIn group where you can talk to your future classmates. The recruitment, admissions and careers teams will also be posting interesting articles and webinars for you to read through and enjoy.

When joining the LinkedIn Group please ensure you also upload a photo. Here’s some tips for picking the right photo for LinkedIn and some more general tips about the importance of a photo with other useful basic LinkedIn tips.