Dubai Executive MBA

Congratulations on being accepted on the Dubai Executive MBA Programme of Bayes Business School , I would like to extend a warm welcome!

We are delighted you are now part of a programme with a global reputation for questioning conventional business assumptions, finding new and more innovative ways to build success and with strong connections in the Region and with the City of London.

Over the next two years you will experience some of the most cutting-edge thinking from academics who are leaders in their field. You will also join a select cohort who is immensely rich in knowledge and talent from diverse backgrounds and industries. It is our commitment to ensure that the Executive Bayes MBA Programme will be fundamental in enhancing your career, professional and personal associations for the rest of your life.

We take the investment you have made very seriously. By facilitating your learning and development over the next two years, we look forward to your unique contribution as a student and as a future alumnus and ambassador for the MBA Programme and School.

I look forward to meeting you when your programme begins in September.

Sionade Robinson

Associate Dean, MBA Programmes

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