Vishal Verma

"I felt that if I couldn’t achieve success here, I wouldn’t achieve it anywhere!"

Vishal Verma

Nationality: Indian
Programme: Full-time MBA, 2020
Pre-MBA: Third Navigating Officer, Fleet Management Ltd, Hong Kong, China
Post-MBA: Program Manager, ATS Sea, Amazon, London, UK
Current industry: Commercial Management
Transitions made: Industry and Function

What was your situation before you joined the MBA?

Before the MBA, I was an ex-Merchant Navy Officer and was working as a Navigating Officer at maritime transportation company, Fleet Management. My role took me around the world, managing maritime transportation and handling shipboard operations.

I wanted to make a career transition for two main reasons. Firstly, I wanted to explore more opportunities in supply chain operations. To do this, I needed to develop a deep understanding of the business side of the supply chain.

Secondly, I wanted more stability and less travel away from my family. So, my ambition was to secure a role at my dream company, Amazon. I wanted be part of a work culture and environment that offered the opportunity to work with best people and the latest innovations.

I decided to take an MBA to help me reach that goal.

Why did you choose the Business School full-time MBA programme?

To achieve my career plan, I was looking for a one-year MBA programme that would allow me to explore every aspect of marketing, finance, operations and strategy. The Business School covered all those areas. In addition, due to its location in the centre of London, close to the biggest companies in the world, I knew this would maximise my career opportunities.

Surrounded by the smartest candidates from so many industries, I soon gained valuable insights from their various backgrounds and expertise. I felt that if I couldn’t achieve success here, I wouldn’t achieve it anywhere!

As I wanted to pursue a career in operations and strategy, the MBA allowed me to explore the knowledge I needed in depth, with excellent modules on operations, strategy and marketing.

Though I already had a very definite career path mapped out, the Careers Team were exceptional at enabling me to make it a reality. They helped me to polish my communications skills, improve my CV, broaden my network and motivate me during my job search. Their guidance was pivotal in helping me to land my dream job.

The Business Mastery Project (BMP) was also a great opportunity to explore how to digitally transform maritime transportation. It allowed me to research and gain the insights on digitization and automation that helped me with my career transition.

When it came to job hunting, The Business School alumni was invaluable. I was able to connect with an alumnus that was working at Amazon. They were kind enough to offer advice, look at my profile and give me mock interviews. This, combined with advice from the Careers Team and my BMP research, enabled me to get a response from Amazon and secure my dream role.

What impact has the programme had on your career development?

The MBA helped me to make my career transition. It enabled me to acquire the knowledge I need in finance, strategy and operational aspects, as well as provided me with the motivation and confidence to pursue my dream. Today, I’m Program Manager at Amazon. I’m involved in sea transportation operations, managing communication with carriers, and overseeing security and loss prevention.

Without the MBA, this would not have happened. It has been a pivot point in my professional life. I owe my success to it and it helped me to achieve my ambition.