Vinod Prabhu

Vinod Prabhu

Vinod Prabhu

Nationality: Indian
Programme: Executive MBA in Dubai, 2018
Pre-MBA: Pediatrician, Jupiter Clinics, Dubai
Post-MBA: Founder of a medical startup
Current Industry: Medicine
Transitions made: Function

What factors led you to choose the Cass EMBA over other programmes?

After completing a decade as a physician, I was looking for a shift in my career and decided to pursue an MBA to facilitate this. I chose Cass Business School as it is one of the region’s top most business schools in standard and reputation. The programme’s flexibility was also a contributing factor in my decision to choose Cass. I was looking for a part-time programme that would allow me to remain in full time employment. The idea of attending classes once a month for four days appealed to me as it gave me enough time to do my readings before each module.

How would you describe your overall experience on the EMBA?

The entire study experience at Cass was extremely enjoyable. The core modules encompassed all aspects of business administration and there were interesting electives to choose from based on my interests. I was spoiled for choice with the number of electives that were offered internationally, in London and Dubai. I attended the entrepreneurship-focused elective in Silicon Valley. It was nothing short of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We went on tours of several companies that were at different stages of their life cycle, from startups and small VC companies to those that had just gone public and mature corporation.

My cohort was diverse; in terms of nationalities and profession.

It just so happened that during my time at Cass, the MBA was ranked first for corporate strategy and fifth for entrepreneurship globally by the Financial Times.

Could you outline how the EMBA has benefitted you in your career?

The Cass MBA has equipped with the skills I need to cope with challenges that may arise in my line of work. It has also given me a better understanding of the realities of the business world.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience I’ve gained on the programme, I have been able to successfully launch my startup which is still in its early stages. Without the MBA, it’s possible that my idea for the startup would have remained just that – an idea.