Suzanne Jabari

Suzanne Jabari

Suzanne Jabari

Nationality: American
Programme: Executive MBA in Dubai, 2015
Pre-MBA: Legal counsel at a Dubai-based firm
Post-MBA: Founder of boutique legal consultancy, Sage Legal Solutions  
Transition made: Function

Why did you decide to study an EMBA at Cass?

I was actually enrolled in another business school and that experience was not pleasant to say the least. So, I decided to drop out and consequently reached out to Cass Business School because of its reputation.

Taking me on after the cohort had started was a risk Cass initially did not want to take and it was the call back from a staff member at the Cass Dubai office that got me out of despair. Through their efforts, she put my application and name forward and after extensive rounds of interviews and consideration from the Board, I was able to join the cohort. I give her credit whenever I can, because sometimes it just takes one call to leave an imprint on someone’s life.

What was your study experience like on the Cass Executive MBA in Dubai?

Juggling a full time job and an EMBA is no walk in the park. I wish I listened to that inner voice that said put your work away for the duration of the class and pay more attention!

However, the team at Cass understood our struggles and the professors were at many times patient with the learning curve. Cass gave us the flexibility but it is up to the individual to work on their time management skills.

The challenges of learning something new was a major highlight for me. These challenges add character, build strength you didn’t know you had, and make you business savvy. Other highlights for me on the programme, include making lifelong friends and learning to embrace diversity with patience.

The modules have been useful for my startup, especially accounting! The diversity of the cohort was fantastic. We were a large group of students from various backgrounds and experiences – of which friendships and business associations have flourished since.

I chose to go for a consultancy week in Chile (South America). It was fantastic. This was my first experience to be thrown in a foreign country with a team I had never met, and a task I had never done before. The responsibility of advising our ‘client’ on a real business matter put the DEMBA in perspective. We then later rewarded ourselves with a road trip around beautiful Chile.

What advice would you give to new students of the Cass Executive MBA programme?

The journey is not going to be easy, but nothing good in life ever comes easy. Cass prides itself in finding ways to provide support to students, through the admin staff, alumni or events. It is important to reach out and talk to alumni like us because we have been through it. Enjoy the ride, because although it may not feel like it during those exam or assignment preps, the journey goes by so quickly.