Rihab Saab

Rihab Saab

Rihab Saab

Nationality: Lebanese
Programme: Executive MBA in Dubai, 2016
Pre-MBA: Freelance HR Consultant
Post-MBA: Founder – Lil’ Tots
Current Industry: E-commerce Foodservices
Transitions made: Industry and function

What factors led you to choose the Cass EMBA over other programmes?

I performed a thorough research into the MBA programmes at offer in Dubai; I was going to use my gratuity savings so needed to ensure that I'm investing my hard earned money in the right place. My aim was to earn a degree from a top-tier business school that enjoys an excellent reputation, is well-ranked globally, and has the AACSB accreditation.

There were a number of factors that drew me towards the Cass EMBA. The programme structure and offering - especially the elective courses under General Management and Entrepreneurship suited my requirements, and the blended learning approach had a good combination of self-study and practical team learning with colleagues. It also offered an excellent platform to build a broad network with professionals from diverse functions and industries.

How would you describe your overall experience on the EMBA?

I was very intent from day one to equip myself with the needed knowledge and skills to enter the entrepreneurial arena, and my learning experience at Cass helped me achieve this. I was very passionate about my business idea, yet knew that I needed to perform due diligence; to test the viability of my business idea through thorough investigation and assessment of market opportunity, industry potential and consumer demand within the UAE. I wouldn’t have been able to produce a top notch business plan without the insights gained from the New Venture Creation course under Prof Costas Andriopoulos’s mentorship.

Could you outline how the EMBA has benefitted you in your career?

I personally enjoyed my chosen electives the most - New Venture Creation, Innovation and Advanced Strategy, and I used all 3 extensively to set the stage for my startup. In all honesty, the benefit and importance of each and every course became lucid when it was time to write my BMP, while connecting the dots between Business Strategy, Marketing, Accounting and Finance with my electives. I then felt well geared to design my entrepreneurship venture. By all means, the learning experience at Cass helped me acquire new leadership skills to stride ahead with confidence.

Today I am the founder of a startup company that is offering a disruptive solution to millennial parents and innovative products for their infants and toddlers. I am overseeing the whole set-up process which encompasses the design and development of an e-commerce website and branding initiatives to forging alliances with third party providers and building an in-house team while simultaneously following up on all legislative requirements, and mapping the production, sales and marketing strategies.