Julian Marin Rojas

Julian Marin Rojas

Julian Marin Rojas

Nationality: Chilean
Programme: Full-time MBA, 2017
Pre-MBA: Business Manager, Toyotomi, Santiago, Chile
Post-MBA: Managing Director, 6 Degrees, Santiago, Chile
Current industry: Consulting
Transitions made: Function, Industry

Before joining Cass, I was working in Chile as a Business Manager for Toyotomi, a leading importer and distributor of heating equipment and one of the top players in the country’s home appliances industry.

The Cass Full-time MBA promised a unique balance between the development of hard and soft skills. Indeed, it was the soft skills aspect that attracted me most. As an engineer, I was deeply involved in numbers, statistics and analytics. However, I was eager to explore in much more depth softer skills like presentation, leadership and storytelling.

In that sense, Cass exceeded my expectations with top-notch workshops, seminars and lectures. Moreover, the content of the course and the faculty tasked with delivering it combined to change the way in which students like myself understand and address unfamiliar challenges. The softer skills I acquired during the course have been a major asset in my current business, and ultimately enabled me to become an entrepreneur.

For me, the Strategy Project was the most important element of the programme, as it offered a priceless opportunity to explore and apply what we had learnt within a real company. Experiencing a genuine consultancy project made me realise that I could help more companies to face their challenges, which is part of what I do now as an independent business consultant. Also, the focus and guidance of my professors helped me to develop a much more organised and results-focused value proposition for my clients in Chile.

One the key areas I wanted to explore and develop was entrepreneurship, so I selected electives that would give me new skills and the knowledge to build a business from the start. To bolster my existing strengths, I took electives in the areas of storytelling and advertising, which gave me a much deeper understanding of these valuable topics.

I found the international electives to be a vital part of the programme. In my case, the experience in Israel and Palestine not only broadened my business view, but also provided a unique personal experience. Seeing how people can achieve so much with so little was an inspiring experience for an aspiring entrepreneur.

Today, I run my own business – 6 Degrees – as a consultant, focusing on international business and local companies wanting to grow, improve their operations and develop new business models or ranges of products.

Cass was a key factor in taking this decision. During the MBA, I realised that consulting was very attractive to me, especially when it comes to tackling new challenges in a structured way. Subjects like strategy and operations management gave me the knowledge and skills to address the challenges faced by my clients.

Looking back, my year at Cass – from the programme, staff and London location to the bonds built with my classmates – was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I will never forget my time in London and how it changed me.