Han Du

Han Du

Nationality: Chinese
Programme: Full-time MBA, 2017
Pre-MBA: Risk Analyst, UBS, Hong Kong, China
Post-MBA: Consultant, FTI Consulting, London, UK
Current industry: Consulting
Transitions made: Function, Industry, Location

Why did you choose the Bayes (formerly Cass) MBA?

I studied finance to master’s level and worked as a risk analyst in the investment bank, UBS Hong Kong, for almost three years. However, I wanted to switch to consulting in the financial arena, whilst I was still relatively early on in my career. I spoke to a few of my friends who had already undertaken an MBA and I felt that it would help me make that transition.

There are a couple of reasons I chose Bayes (formerly Cass) Business School for my MBA. The first was its location in the heart of the City, with its excellent links to the finance sector. Secondly, I had an existing network of friends and colleagues that I wanted to reconnect with.

What was the learning experience like?

My professors were fantastic, they were extremely responsive, helpful and always available for clarifying questions, even during the Christmas break and via Skype when I was preparing for integration weeks. Bayes (formerly Cass) purposefully recruits smaller class sizes and I really saw the benefit of this. Each professor gave almost equal opportunity for students to participate and contribute in classes.

When working on group projects, we were encouraged to challenge others and be challenged ourselves. I worked in teams where the level of experience ranged from three to 20 years and industry backgrounds included FMCG, IT, Manufacturing, Banking and Consultancy.

We pushed each other to admit weaknesses in our arguments and try to find solutions to produce better quality work. This certainly helped me to become more flexible, better at problem solving and most importantly, to move out of my comfort zone more easily.

What support did you get from the Careers team?

During the programme, each student is assigned a careers advisor. My advisor helped me to organise and prepare a comprehensive overview of myself, outlining my weaknesses and strengths, enabled me to arrange my goals in a more effective way and supported me in my career planning.

The Careers and Professional Development team also had a large number of industry experts that I was able to reach out to. As a result, my career advisor was able to regularly introduce me to networks that she felt could offer the best opportunities in the consulting industry, which is what I was primarily interested in.

How did you benefit from the Bayes (formerly Cass) network and connections?

For my Business Mastery Project, I worked with a fund manager and we established a good personal relationship. He introduced me to many important and exclusive conferences in London. These are not usually open to students – only company representatives in the investment area – so it was a unique and particularly valuable experience.

It was through the excellent networking opportunities at Bayes (formerly Cass) and its central London location that I was able to secure my new role – situated right next to the campus. I am now working at FTI Consulting London, as a consultant within the economics and financial consultancy department, in a specialised area of financial services. Also, I was fortunate the company arranged a Tier 2 visa to allow me to stay in London.

I strongly feel the programme empowered me to fulfil my goal and move into financial consultancy with a firm in a different country.