Chelsea McAnally

"The Business Mastery Project (BMP) helps you explore interesting avenues and take away a really unique piece of research that you can then translate to your career."

Chelsea McAnally

Nationality: American
Programme: Full-time MBA, 2020
Pre-MBA: Senior Specialist, Corporate Communications, American Airlines, USA
Post-MBA: Manager, Communications, American airlines, USA
Current industry: Communications
Transitions made: Function

What was your situation before you joined the MBA?

My undergraduate degree was in communications and my professional background was in public relations for retail and fashion. Before the MBA, I was working in internal communications at American Airlines, supporting the Human Resources department.

I had reached a plateau in my career, so I wanted to make a change and explore more senior roles. I decided to take an MBA to broaden my business acumen and build the breadth of knowledge that would enable me to progress my career.

Why did you choose the Business School full-time MBA programme?

I looked at a lot of different schools. Most reputable schools in the US only offer two-year programmes. However, I didn't want to take two years away from work. So, I started looking abroad. What I appreciated about the Business School was the fact that the MBA is condensed into one year. In addition, the layout of the core classes and focus on the explorer mindset really allows you to take control of your learning experience. I knew straight away that this was where I wanted to be.

Having spent several years in the workplace, I had been out of the study environment for a while. For me, it required a completely different mindset, and I dedicated myself fully to the learning experience.

I particularly enjoyed the strategy module as it frames things in a new light. It is something that has stayed with me – from problem solving to evaluations, even today, I'm thinking about things and approaching them in a way that I had not done before.

The electives give you the opportunity to dig a bit deeper into the things that you’re really interested in, which for me was the marketing and management modules.

The Business Mastery Project (BMP) helps you explore interesting avenues and take away a really unique piece of research that you can then translate to your career. My BMP focused on creating metrics for internal communications, which has absolutely helped my career path, as it is an approach that is rarely used in my industry.

The Careers Team really help you to navigate your career. They helped me to put together a meaningful CV, provided mock interview sessions and provided invaluable advice and guidance on how I should approach getting the kind of roles I wanted.

What impact has the programme had on your career development?

Immediately after I finished, I moved back to the US. I had always kept in touch with American Airlines during the process of the MBA and post-MBA. They were looking to start rebuilding some positions, so, I had the opportunity to take a brand-new role with them. I’m now Global Leadership Communications Manager, responsible for communicating with frontline leaders across the network.

The MBA had a big impact on my career progression. It enabled me to secure a more senior, global role at a higher level and higher salary. It was the most incredible experience. Personally and professionally, I think it was the best decision I have ever made.