Aliasgar Inayathusein

Aliasgar Inayathusein

Nationality: British
Executive MBA, 2017
Pre-MBA: Principal Transport Modellor, Transport for London, London, UK
Post-MBA: National Director of Future Transport, Veitch Lister Consulting, Melbourne, Australia
Current industry: Consulting
Transitions made: Function, Location

Why did you choose to do an Executive MBA?

Working at Transport for London (TfL) for nine years, in a number of technical roles as well as later leading a team of strategic modellers and planners, enabled me to develop strong management skills. However, as I wanted to progress to more senior roles within the transport sector, I realised that I needed to broaden my knowledge. I decided that an MBA would help me gain a more rounded understanding of the different business disciplines that would allow me to advance my career.

I chose the Executive MBA at Cass Business School as it facilitated study around my full-time job, and I found the diversity of the cohort and the practical focus of the programme particularly appealing.

I soon found myself studying with people from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, often in senior roles in their organisations, with a range of experiences to share. For me, the interaction with the rest of the cohort was an essential part of the learning experience.

What were the highlights of the programme?

The EMBA is a comprehensive programme and the international elective enabled me to explore entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. In the transport sector there’s a lot of technological disruption, so I wanted to get a first-hand view of the inner workings of a technology ecosystem.

The developmental part of programme helped me grow in confidence, particularly during the ‘Achieving Your Potential’ weekend. Having the opportunity to reflect on my own goals and motivation, and discuss them with others in the cohort, allowed me to identify what I really valued and what I needed to focus on for my next career step.

My highlight of the programme was the depth of the relationships I built with other members of the cohort. I have made more than just contacts, but a whole group of friends across a number of industries and geographies. I feel confident that if I face any problem I can contact them for support.

The whole programme is a rich networking experience, as Cass creates spaces for you to interact with your cohort or with faculty and staff in a natural, uncontrived way.

What has the programme helped you to achieve?

The programme provides all the business skills you need with networking opportunities and personal development, pushing you beyond your comfort zone so that you know what you can achieve.

I have learnt more about my strengths, building confidence in my own ability and allowing me to influence strategic thinking within organisations at a senior level. It has also opened my eyes to how the transferable skills you acquire can be applied in opportunities across the globe.

The programme has helped me to advance my career and move to Australia. I am now National Director of Future Transport at Veitch Lister Consulting which has three offices across Australia and provides transport infrastructure and policy development related analytics and advice to national and state government, and other transport bodies. Articulating the learning from my EMBA played a significant role in me being offered this role and has pushed my career to the next level.

For me the EMBA at Cass ticks all the boxes and provides a brilliant grounding in everything you need to achieve your full potential.