Strategy Project

The Strategy Project gives you practical experience of gathering information and performing strategic analysis on a company that is currently operating in the UK over a three month period. You are required to work effectively as a team enacting the role of directors, senior managers and strategy consultants.

You will apply MBA learnings from your core subjects, test management theories and use your own insights from previous professional experience in the context of working with a real company.

Some previous tasks that our Full-time MBA students completed while undertaking their strategy project:

  • Mapping market sizes and values, identifying client needs and then building a recommendation for a new product and revenue stream
  • Conduct a strategic market analysis, exploring potential markets, the competitive landscape and potential value chain
  • Provide potential targets to help achieve long term growth
  • Review the company’s business context and competitive positioning
  • Recommend innovative ideas to solve a buyer-seller relationship
  • Present critical insights such as revenue forecasting models to the company, including key-stakeholders
  • Conduct several meetings with the MD, Chairman and senior managers

Students source their own companies to work with and decide upon a strategic challenge to overcome. Some previous companies are:

  • Atom Bank
  • DAC Group
  • Harrods
  • Innocent Drinks
  • Kodak
  • RDS Oil
  • Rightmove
  • Travelzoo
  • Virgin Startup
  • Visa Europe
  • Vodafone UK