Block 3

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management module aims to stimulate thinking and understanding about the management of people in an organisational context.  The focus is on specific human resource management practices and policies, their effectiveness as well as skills necessary for their implementation.  The course is designed for line managers and it is not intended to meet the detailed technical requirements of full-time HR professionals.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able understand and have skills in:

  • Introduction to HRM: best-practices, best-fit and stakeholder approaches
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Talent and career management
  • Performance management: appraisals & pay/rewards
  • Work-life balance and employee well-being

Operations Management

Develop skills and techniques for the practising general manager, within a series of conceptual frameworks for determining relevance, choice and application.

This module will introduce you to a range of operations related decisions and the course aims to provide them with the skills necessary to apply various frameworks to operational situations and to enable you to recognise how the frameworks should be applied. The focus will thus be on ‘how to’ skills and applications, rather than pure academic commentary. The value of an interdisciplinary approach to operations management will be stressed and the course aims to enable you to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches to decision-making which are introduced.

Learning outcomes:

  • Process direction and Design
    - Products, Processes, and Performance
    - Operations Strategy and Management
  • Process Delivery
    - Inventory Analysis
    - Capacity Management
    - Supply Chain and Supply Chain Risk Management
    - Sustainability
  • Process Development
    - Quality Management
    - Six Sigma and Lean


This module will provide the provision of analytical skills, managerial insights, and team working practice in order to help you understand how the marketing function can add value within a business operating in an international context.

This component will demonstrate the usefulness of market analysis and skilful marketing management in the context of the whole business operation.

Learning outcomes:

  • Marketing - conventional and new approaches
  • Markets, strategies and plans
  • Selecting target markets
  • Market research
  • Choosing an effective marketing strategy
  • Developing and managing offers
  • Branding and marketing communications
  • The marketing plan in action.