Block 1

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Gain the ability to understand and interpret financial information, with full knowledge of its strengths and limitations, a fundamental skill for an effective manager in today’s business environment. Understand how accounting tools can be used to manage and evaluate business performance, and of the judgemental nature of many accounting decisions.

Learning outcomes:

  • Main accounting statements
  • Accounting for assets and sources of finance
  • Cash flow statements
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Cost behaviour
  • Budgeting

Organisational Behaviour

Learn about the structural and human resource issues: policies, practices, issues and international variations, to challenge existing perceptions and stances.

This module will introduce you to key concepts and understanding of the behaviour of individuals, groups, as well as the dynamics of culture, politics and structure in organizations. This will enable you to sharpen your skills in managing individuals, teams as well as change processes.

Learning outcomes:

  • Motivation
  • Team dynamics
  • Culture
  • Identity
  • Organizational politics
  • Resistance
  • Organizational structures
  • Networks


Strategic management is the practice and theory of making decisions that shape the future of the firm. This component of the module takes a look at the content and process of strategic decision making from the perspective of managers who are responsible for an entire business unit. These may be individuals who are acting in the capacity of Chief Executive of a company, or the General Manager of a division, or the head of a department. It is also the perspective most often expected from holders of MBA degrees, since MBAs are among the few professionals in an organisation that must deal with business situations from a wide range of perspectives.

Learning outcomes:

  • Designing Strategy
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Resources & Capabilities Perspectives
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Strategy Formation Process
  • Strategic Change
  • Innovative Strategies
  • Strategy Synthesis