Professional Development Workshops

Professional development workshops

Our wide range of workshops form the backbone of any serious career strategy. They provide opportunities to develop invaluable employability skills in a highly focused, professional environment.

Some of the personal development workshops you can expect on the MBA course include:

  • Advanced presentation skills
    Few skills get you further in business than being able to deliver clear, convincing presentations. Whether you’re blessed with a gift for conveying your message or not, reaching the top takes hard work, practice and most importantly effective training.  This workshop provides the expertise and confidence needed to deliver strong presentations
  • CV workshop
    First impressions matter and they have never been more vital than in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Learn how to put together an outstanding CV that really highlights what you have to offer. Learn the true purpose of a CV, how to make sure that it has impact and vital dos and don’ts. Give yourself the advantage with this great range of expert tips
  • Executive Presence: Persuading with impact
    Personal impact is a strong attribute. You’ll know it when you see it. You need to create positive personal impact to build your career, contribute to your team and help grow your business. This workshop focuses on how the best in others.
  • How to take charge of your career
    Self-assessment is the core foundation of career planning; increasing your self-awareness is critical to achieving your future ambitions. Explore tools and exercises that allow you to understand your career strengths, motivations and values in more depth. This reflection will also strengthen your ability to stand out in recruitment processes, consider your job search strategy and focus your networking.
  • Networking workshop
    Making the most of your contacts and developing a solid personal and professional network are important skills if you want to advance your career and succeed in business. Explore the benefits of effective networking and gain the confidence needed to make a lasting impression on the people that matter.  Find out what networking is and why it is important. Learn the important techniques for confident, focused networking, as well as how to work the room.
  • Project management
    The driving force behind any venture, effective project management can drive a project to its fullest. Having this skill is essential to gain a competitive edge over your peers. This seminar focuses on core project management skills and delivers a sound grounding in the subject.