About you

About you

As a successful candidate, you will be intellectually curious, have a track record of professional success along with the dedication and aptitude to complete a rigorous programme of study, alongside your career and professional development activities.

In your CV, as well as sharing your professional experience and university level education, please list any other courses you have taken and any educational programmes or associations you are involved with (i.e. PRINCE, CFA). Furthermore, during the admissions process, we want you to demonstrate the skills and personality characteristics that you will bring to the programme. We also want to ensure you are committed to improving your interpersonal skills, which are critical to achieving success in your future career.

Below are some of the skills we are particularly looking for:

Analysis and Execution

You will already have the ability to synthesise and analyse complex data and business information and your MBA will take this further; developing a stronger global and commercial approach in the process.  You will extract the important from the inconsequential and provide clear rationales for your approaches. You will take accountability for resolving complex issues and make sound judgements and decisions on data. An ability to create and execute effective project plans, multitask and balance conflicting priorities whilst delivering on time is critical.

Leadership and Teamwork

You will display leadership competencies using your personal, academic and/or professional experiences. Whether you have taken a leading position managing a project at work, leading a university project or in a voluntary capacity, we want you to demonstrate your ability to problem solve, listen, motivate and inspire others.

At Bayes, we want to ensure that you are well positioned for future leadership roles. We are looking for candidates with prior experience of working effectively in teams. In the programme you will work in small groups and project teams and the key to success will be your ability to collaborate, manage diverse opinions in a culturally sensitive manner as well as supporting the group in accomplishing its goals.

Relating to Others

Excellent communication is the number one skill employers look for in MBA talent. As a student you are always expected to present yourself professionally.  You should have the ability to articulate clearly and with influence, whether you're speaking to someone in person, on the phone, via email or social media.

Through your prior experiences we want to see how you have developed effective professional networks, both internally and externally. For example, how you have built new client relationships, and other important networks as part of your role or extracurricular activities. During the programme, as an MBA student, you will have to confidently reach out to individuals to develop new networks in order to support your career search and ongoing career success.

Drive and Curiosity

The Full-time MBA at Bayes provides a fantastic opportunity to explore, embrace new concepts and ideas and participate in unique experiential learning.  Whatever your background, drivers or motivations to undertake the programme, Bayes will give you the space and a safe environment to explore various career opportunities, but it will take your personal drive in order for you to succeed.

The one-year Full-time MBA Bayes is designed to be academically rigorous. It’s personally and professionally challenging and will continually take you outside your comfort zone.  Throughout the admission process, we want you to demonstrate your desire to learn, a curious and commercial attitude and the ability to deliver under pressure. These qualities will ensure you have the potential to succeed during the programme and beyond.