Your development

The main advantage of studying for the Bayes Executive MBA in Dubai is that you will be working at the same time as you're learning. This enables you to stay in touch with developments in the commercial world, while having the opportunity to apply your studies to your work environment right away.

If you are looking for career acceleration with your current employer, you will be able to apply your learning in your corporate environment, as well as enhance your skills and practical experience by using your studies to help with current projects.

If you are studying for your MBA because you want to embark on a new career path, you will have access to students, academics, business leaders, industry experts and policy makers with whom you can exchange ideas and build corporate networks.

Over your two-year Executive MBA, you will benefit from a number of additional professional development sessions to enhance and expand your professional and personal skills. These include areas such as team building, leadership, negotiation and presentation skills.

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