You want to make the most of every moment of your Modular Executive MBA. We have designed induction to fit over a long weekend, similar to how you will be taught over the next year.

You will spend the time getting to know your fellow classmates and engaging in team-building activities. You will meet your Course Director, faculty and start to get to grips with the case method – a core learning tool in your Modular Executive MBA. You will also focus on careers and professional development activities such as increasing your executive presence.

Induction sets you up for the academic challenges that lie ahead and ensures that you and your classmates have a strong and shared knowledge base.

"I loved the programme from day one. The team was extremely helpful, providing a thorough induction offering hints and tips on how to perform during the MEMBA programme. This support was crucial, as the MEMBA is a life-changing experience requiring organisation, commitment and high levels of energy.”

– Pietro Mattioni, Modular Executive MBA 2018