Business Mastery Project

During the second year you will draw on the many elements of the programme in the Business Mastery Project, a major piece of self-managed work. It is an opportunity to demonstrate expertise and a skill set gained during the programme and transition into the next stage of your career.

It can be presented in multiple ways; a research project on your organisation; address a strategic problem for a specific industry; a business plan. All geared towards you taking the next positive step in your career path, you tap into the Bayes Business expertise from our faculty over 9-12 months and deliver an industry specific project.

Recent projects have included:

  • An exploration in Blockchain and syndicated lending operations
  • How to create shareholder value performance through strategic mergers and acquisitions
  • Undertaking an empirical analysis of capital structure and Government debt in Europe
  • Focusing on cleantech in European and U.S. venture capital: a comparison of investments and exits across industries and countries
  • The impact of digitisation and insurtech on the London insurance market
  • Understanding ‘ethical political leadership’ in Mauritius
  • Comparing sectors commitment to renewable energy
  • Entrepreneurship culture and co-working spaces.